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The Experience Of Buying From Geekbuying

With booming internet knowledge, it is not surprising to find abundant internet retailers offering thousands of things. Among many, Geekbuying is one of the most well-liked, and in this review, we’ll give you an overview of the site’s benefits and drawbacks.

Geekbuying, a company founded in 2012, is a successful brand channel that serves clients globally. With more than 5 million registered members and more than 300,000 significant products offered in more than 200 nations and regions throughout the world, it is currently one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world.

Is Geekbuying Legit? 

It is, indeed! In comparison to other online shops, Geekbuying gets a score of 4.1 out of 5 on Trustpilot. One of the most well-known online retailers, this one has been operating for ten years.

The Pros

1) Fast Delivery Service

When purchasing anything online, delivery costs and times are important. As a result, in addition to having 3D printers and other electronic products in stock, Geekbuying warehouse also has a US-based warehouse. It holds 80% of the products because they can be delivered quickly anywhere in the world.


The shipping choice selected will determine the delivery time; the two most crucial options are:

AirMail: The sites of these warehouses in China and Hong Kong offer global shipping. The delivery window is between 30 and 40 working days.

Certified AirMail: Their warehouses in China and Hong Kong offer global shipping with a delivery window of 15-30 business days.

Having said that, the projected time is significantly shortened, being roughly 2–7 business days, if the product’s warehouse is situated in the nation to which it is being shipped.

2) Multi-Payment Options and Privacy for Users

Although PayPal and Credit or Debit cards are typically the most prevalent options, Geekbuying also offers a comprehensive list of numerous techniques to reach the greatest number of individuals.

Different cards can be used depending on the need. This allows the consumers to purchase from this website from a variety of global locations by just looking up the options accepted there.

User Privacy 

Geekbuying offers a privacy policy that ensures that each user’s personal information will be stored securely and never be utilised for commercial gain. 

3) 24/7 Customer Service

You can always contact customer support if you have any issues about the product or the mode of transportation. Geekbuying has a skilled crew and responses typically come within 24 hours, this service is available at all times.

4) Policy on Warranties and Returns

The store’s return policy accepts full responsibility for any lost items. It also offers after-sales services to ensure that the items arrive at their destination, including a return service for DOA items. Additionally, the business offers customers a 7 to 14-day return/refund period for any items that don’t fulfil their needs.

Further, electronics come with a one-year guarantee that entitles the consumer to a free 12-month repair period.

5) Extended Partnerships with Businesses

Partnerships are significant in the business world for an online store. With numerous businesses, including Lenovo, Gamesir and so, Geekbuying collaborates closely. 

6) Constant Quality

Every item on Geekbuying screams quality. Only the top-tier and most expensive Chinese brands are affiliated with the online store. In contrast to most Chinese products, which are infamous for their subpar quality, they ensure that the item you order is of high quality.

7) Professional Service

The ordering as well as the enquiries are handled by the e-store’s management, without any language barrier and fraud.

The Cons

1) Missing Orders 

Although you would believe that online stores are great since you can shop without leaving your house, the truth is that because there are shipments involved, there is occasionally a chance that some orders will not get from one country to another. Despite the fact that these are not all instances, many customers complain that they have never received their goods. 

However, it should be noted that the retailer handled a portion of the issue and issued a refund for the money spent, provided you have a receipt or a tracking number.

2) Fewer Products

Geekbuying offers less items than Amazon. They specialise in a select few types of goods. Again, this e-store contains only the Chinese products.

How to Create an Account

Placing a purchase is not possible without an account. There are two ways to accomplish this: shortly before completing a purchase, or by clicking the “Sign in” icon on the home page. For this final option, you must first select the items you like and add them to your shopping cart before proceeding to the checkout page, where the registration form will show up. Only a nickname, email address, password, and access code need to be entered.

You may then activate your account and begin shopping by simply opening your email and clicking the link that was supplied to you. 

User-Friendly Website

The website is really simple to use. On the home page, there are several items from various categories as well as offers and discounts. Additionally, there are indicators that provide details about the products and the website itself, as well as general knowledge about the payment options and different businesses they partner with.

Your booked items can be viewed at any time and location with just a single touch, and it is incredibly simple to maintain control over the items that are put to the cart for purchase. Additionally, payment procedure is simple.

You can select products from a wide range of categories whenever you want once you are on their website. From computers to toys, find categories with several, in-depth subcategories that are more specialised.


More specifically, each of the goods has a page with all details. There are no ambiguities, and all the information a person may need is given. Enlisted reviews and photos from others are quite helpful.

This website mostly focuses on technological goods. 

Why Buy from Geekbuying 

Shop at Geekbuying for the below criteria: 

  • If you are looking for graded items.
  • If You want to use Geekbuying to get the greatest deal on particular brands.
  • If you reside in an area where they have warehouses for deliveries made in less than a week.
  • If you don’t want to deal with many retailers selling the same item through various sellers.
  • If you don’t want to deal with other stores’ absurdly low discounts that are still more expensive than the list price, strange coupon processing, and problematic shipping.

Product Price of Geekbuying and Other Stores

Geekbuying provides significantly cheaper pricing for select brands along with alternatives like free registered shipping and 1 to 5 days shipping in particular countries. Additionally, Geekbuying doesn’t do this for the majority of the goods, in contrast to other stores that do it 24/7 with a ridiculous original product price and then a price cut of the discounted price that is still excessive. Instead, if anything is on sale, they would first give the item’s original, full price before mentioning the understandable price reduction.

The Verdict

Concluding this I would say Geekbuying is an online shop worthy of buying opportunities. It has enormous number of products for day-today life, along with the best deals and special offers.

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