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Tantra uses a holistic approach rather than focusing on just one aspect of our life. It comes to help you connect with yourself and provide healing.

Tantric Heart Wound Healer Bella Maree Lane on the Rising Industry of Tantra

Even though Tantra can be related to sexuality, the truth is that it’s focused on awareness and presence more than anything else. That’s why labeling it or limiting it to just the sexual aspect of life would be insufficient, and simply inaccurate. Tantra is in fact so many things to so many people it has become a big business all over the world. 

Tantra considers a holistic approach rather than focusing on just one aspect of our life. It comes to help you connect with yourself in a profound and meaningful way. It’ll help you heal, change perspective, and pretty much liberate yourself.

What Is Tantra?

Tantra is the Sanskrit word which means to weave or compose.  There are two main branches of tantra. White tantra is the solo practice, which incorporates yoga and meditation.  Red tantra is your opportunity to bring everything you’ve learned in your solo practice into an exchange with a lover. The red tantra path is designed to create a deeper bond with a partner. 

Tantra has long been shrouded in mystery and as it grows in popularity the benefits are becoming well documented. While tantra has evolved over the last thousand years, it is still first and foremost a practice of liberation. At its core, tantra is about connecting with your own energy to establish a deeper understanding and connection to yourself and if desired with a partner. While some of that energy is sexual, not all of it is. 

Some benefits of tantra include:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety & depression
  • Emotional & relationship healing
  • Better understanding of and love for oneself
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Boosted confidence and sexual performance
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased capacity for intimacy

Simply put, Tantra, which should not be confused with tantric sex, is a form of meditation that dates way back. Some believe it emerged somewhere between 300 and 400 AD in ancient India, but it wasn’t until the 11th century that it became a widely accepted practice.

Tantra focuses on teaching us to fully present, moment to moment. No past, no future, just the present moment accepting everything just the way it is, no need for anything to change or be different. It’s about fully accepting that nothing stays the same, everything in the dualistic world is constantly changing. This practice helps you understand and embrace that all of life is happening for you and not to you.

Additionally, it is here to help you become more aware of your senses and your connection to yourself, the world, and others. The tantric belief is that the most nourishing way to experience life is by being aware, conscious, and focused on the moment. On that same note, it’ll heighten your awareness of what you’re feeling, your fears & desires.

A Rising Industry

Even though those myths and clichés around Tantra have perhaps hurt its credibility on our side of the world for the past couple of decades, it’s not surprising to see massive growth in the industry as people are looking for alternative ways to deal with the mounting stress and burdens of everyday life. 

Just like yoga and meditation; people are showing more interest in Tantra today. And why shouldn’t they? There are countless testimonials of people whose lives took a U-turn after embracing this healing lifestyle. 

As it happens with other philosophies and meditations, knowing what we want, knowing our body, our mind, what we feel – and how we feel it – will help us achieve emotional freedom and be at peace with ourselves. Peace of mind itself has a high perception of value. 

That’s why Tantra continues to become more popular among people of all ages, even children. It’s all about mindfulness and being fully aware of the present moment, our feelings, our sensations, and how we experience certain things. 

With proper training, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve this healed state as well. Tantra professionals will guide you through every step of your journey to self-awareness, and we promise you, it will be a one-way trip.

Treat Your Pain

Bella Lane, the tantric heart wound healer, traveled the globe looking for ways to treat her pain and heartache, yet it was the Tantric lifestyle that helped her heal most. “When heart wounds are left untreated, they create unconscious, destructive life patterns. The inner work to heal these wounds is the imperative key to creating a life of joy, purpose, passion, freedom, and love,” says Bella. 

She used Tantric teachings and exercises to overcome multiple traumatic experiences and was able to let go of all the pain, sadness, and frustration that came with them. Bella has joined the Tantric movement defining and even redefining the lifestyle in her upcoming book and show. 

Tantra is a highly sought-after word for Google advertising, Facebook Ads, website names, and products far and wide across the internet. Bella is a true believer and is dedicated to helping others heal from their past traumas. Bella tells her readers and listeners “Through awareness, we can break the chains and alter our habitual life patterns. To achieve this, we need to take action and responsibility to be able to forgive ourselves and build a trusting, caring, loving relationship with the person in the mirror.” 

From sexual abuse in her childhood to abusive relationships throughout most of her life, Tantra showed her the path to empowerment and freedom. 

Bella, a former cosmetic company executive could do almost anything in this stage of her retirement but when looking to start a business based around doing something she loves she chose the wide world of Tantra.

 “We all carry trauma from unprocessed, unhealed wounds of the past.. Those ‘shadows’ we carry stay with us throughout our lives unless we make the decision to facilitate our healing. Healing is a choice and always possible”, says Bella Maree Lane, also known as the ‘heart wound healer’. 

Now, as someone who has experienced firsthand what trauma can do and what it takes to turn your life around, she’s helping others achieve their emotional freedom. 

Just like yoga and meditation, expect more people to join the ever-evolving worldwide Tantric movement as people look to provide & receive life-changing experiences.

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