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Experiencing trauma can be scary and overwhelming. Here are some healthy tips that'll help you deal with symptoms of PTSD and anxiety in your life!

Being well-rested can improve your physical and mental health. Use these tips to improve your sleep cycle and you'll be feeling better in no time!

Dr. Martin Polanco shares his methods of managing stress, gaining relief from anxiety, and generally learning how to maintain positivity.

Meditation can improve your health and transform your state of mind. Start meditating today by taking advantage of these tips from Jonah Engler.

Mindfulness meditation is a form of mindfulness that is widely practiced in the western world. Why does Jonah Engler believe it benefits people?

If you're new to meditation, this guide will teach you how to get started. Jonah Engler says you'll learn the basics of meditation and how to focus.

Cycling and meditation are both crucial to maintaining a happy balance. Here are some tips on how to make time for both.

Tantra uses a holistic approach rather than focusing on just one aspect of our life. It comes to help you connect with yourself and provide healing.

Ready to unwind and finally start journeying into the world of meditation? Check out these books that'll help you get started and learn how to meditate.