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Have you just accepted a job offer that involves relocating to a new city? Here's why you may need a storage facility.

Relocating for a New Job? Here is How a Storage Facility Can Help

Have you just accepted a job offer that involves relocating to a new city? Congratulations to you! You’re probably excited for two reasons – a new job opportunity and the chance to move to start over in a new city. Moving is a huge task and it’s an even bigger deal if you’re relocating out of state for a new job. Will you be moving with your family or are you going alone and searching for roommates? Deciding to accept a job offer in a new city comes with a lot of responsibility and decision making, but that doesn’t make it impossible. 

New York City is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world that attracts businesses and residents from all over, which is why many companies have headquarters locations in the area. The companies have huge office spaces and are always having people relocate to tend to business needs. At global brands, it’s important to have offices all around the world and that can mean having employees come from all over.

If you’re one of the lucky employees that will get reimbursed for moving costs than that’s great. On the other hand, some companies might expect employees moving to cover the bills themselves. That can leave you with a lot to figure out and ultimately decide if the opportunity is worth it. For anyone deciding to accept a new job in the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan area, you should continue reading to see our suggestions on what you should know before you begin the process.

Negotiate all moving terms

Before making such a big decision, make sure you have a written offer that outlines everything that the relocation will include. While your company might offer reimbursement for some things, eventually you’ll be paying to live in the city on your own. Depending on your relocation terms, your company may give you an allowance to spend on moving expenses. This allowance would cover expenses like hiring professional movers, purchasing moving supplies, airfare, and possibly more if your negotiation goes well.

Do you have some leftover money in your moving allowance? If you find yourself in this situation, consider putting it towards finding warehouse spaces for rent or cheap storage units. Don’t worry about bringing everything to your apartment when you can rent an affordable storage unit. Even if you need a small amount of space, StorageBlue has storage units in various sizes, all at an affordable monthly rate.

Research the location you’re moving to

The more you know about the tri-state area, the more prepared and excited you’ll be. Being familiar with the area will help you make decisions that are best for your budget and day-to-day routine. If you know where your new office will be then you’ll be able to plan your commute to know which neighborhood suits you best. 

If your schedule permits, you should even try to plan a visit to New York or New Jersey ahead of time so you can get to know your future home. While you’re there, you can drive to check out our multiple storage facilities in New Jersey! They each have so much to offer which is why we’re the go-to storage facility in Jersey City for anyone looking for cheap storage units. 

Pay close attention to your budget

One of the easiest ways to save money is by cutting back on your living expenses. Monthly bills can easily add up when you’re paying rent, utilities, commuting costs, meals, and other expenses that come with living in the city. The first month of moving is always challenging too because it’s usually when you have the most bills.

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Rent a cheap storage unit in New Jersey

Finding an apartment with all the space you need can be a challenge. This can occur anywhere but especially if you live in New York near the Manhattan area. That’s exactly why having a storage unit near Manhattan is helpful so you can have a cheap storage option for your seasonal clothes or extra furniture. Maybe you found an amazing apartment in a great area, however, it’s not very spacious. Instead of missing out on the apartment of your dreams, you can get a storage unit to use for extra storage. 

Don’t waste your time obsessing over being organized right away. You’ll already be busy with work so consider getting a storage unit and save yourself the stress. You don’t want to put any unnecessary pressure on yourself when you already have a lot on your plate. Until you have time, renting that cheap storage unit is the next best thing. 

Whenever you’re ready, StorageBlue is here to support your storage needs. We’re the best and most affordable storage facility in the Jersey City area and we’re ready to take good care of your belongings. If you rent a storage unit with us, you’ll get a cheap, secure, and clean storage unit in a size to your liking. We’re constantly expanding and opening new facilities too so there’s probably a StorageBlue providing cheap storage units that’s closer than you think.

Pack up your things and accept that job offer with excitement! You’ll have a long to-do list but at least you can have peace of mind by renting a storage unit at an affordable price.  

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