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4 Eventful Ideas for Renting Out a Movie Theater

Movie theaters nationwide have taken a creative approach to boosting revenue after the pandemic hit and now allow customers to rent the entire theater for private events. Many movie theaters also allow customers to bring their beverages and food for the event. Here are four eventful ideas for renting movie theaters. 

Hosting a Corporate Event

The venue is one of the most challenging decisions when hosting a corporate event. You can now rent out a theater for hosting a corporate event. Some movie theaters even offer special facilities and equipment to help you host one. 

Team-building corporate events are all about creating a comfortable environment for your employees to enjoy delicious food and fun activities to bond with each other. Corporate events are often perceived to be dull, so why not take a unique approach and treat your employees to an event at the movie theater? You can pick the movie of your choice or have a vote on which movie to watch. To make the experience more exciting and memorable for your employees, you can give away souvenir popcorn buckets.    

Private Film Screenings 

You can rent a movie theater for personalized screenings. For example, you can show independent films or classic movies not showing at regular cinemas. In addition, movie theater staff can help you set up the screening. This is one benefit of choosing a movie theater as a venue for your film screening because other venues may not have the staff that can handle technical equipment. 

When you rent a movie theater, you may have to come in before the reserved time to set up the equipment for the screening. Ensure you have backup plans in case the equipment does not function properly. In most cases, there would only be a single film screened at the theater, but you may have to check with the management if you want to screen more than one film. You should also reserve the theater for enough time for your guests to have a reasonable break between the screenings.   

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties require weeks of planning, which involves deciding on a theme and venue for the party. While birthday parties are fun, you can do something unique this year by hosting a birthday party in a movie theater. You can watch a movie or a few episodes of your favorite TV show in a private screening. 

Seeing a good movie with your loved ones is a great way to make new memories. You can even have the guests dress up to match the movie’s theme. Wearing costumes and watching a movie can also be an excellent idea for a kid’s birthday party. 

Game Night 

For a fun evening with your gamer friends, you can rent out a movie theater to play your favorite video games. Hosting game night at a movie theater is a relatively new concept, but it is an exciting way to spend time with your favorite people. All you have to do is take your console or PC with your favorite games to the cinema. Then, the staff will hook it up to the projector for you so you can enjoy playing your favorite game with your friends on a big screen. Keep in mind that not all movie theaters have the capability to host a gaming event. 

Gaming on a giant screen with a surround sound system makes the experience more immersive than anything at home. You can also enjoy snacks and drinks from the concession stand at the movie theater while gaming with your friends. 

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