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Book the Cinema enables users to book a private, VIP cinema event of the latest releases and more. Find out more about these private movie screenings!

Book the Cinema Changing Landscape of Private Movie Screenings

The company enables friends, families, and other groups to book an entire cinema screen for them and their guests.

London, UK – Book the Cinema is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative service that is a game-changer in accessing private movie screenings.

Book the Cinema is a service that enables users to book a private, VIP cinema event of the latest releases or favourite classics from the company’s extensive movie database.  Through its website, users can rent an entire cinema screen at one of seventy locations in the UK for a private viewing – all with just a few simple clicks.

“Our goal has to always create an unforgettable movie-watching experience for friends and loved ones,” says a spokesperson for the company.  “We believe in the magic that cinema delivers and understand that feeling of excitement and anticipation as the room darkens and the screen widens.  We want you to experience the cinema for what it has been created for – an immersive movie-watching experience.  For us, the cinema is where memories are made and moments are shared.  With Book the Cinema, you can take this even further and choose who you want to share those moments with by booking the whole screen and inviting your guests.”

Book the Cinema boasts a number of useful features and benefits, including:

  • Booking options from 72 hours to 6 months in advance
  • Over 70 cinema locations to choose from across the UK
  • Convenient e-tickets to share with guests
  • Arrive up to 30 minutes before event starts to socialize and catch up with friends
  • Option to purchase food and drinks in advance from the cinema’s menu using the Book the Cinema website
  • Option to create a 30-second video with personalised message to be shown before the movie
  • Ability to cancel at any time
  • Low starting price point at just £250
  • And so much more!

Currently, Book the Cinema is offering an exclusive 50% discount offer on all bookings until March 31st.  Visit for conditions and to place a booking.

About Book the Cinema

The concept for Book the Cinema was created and developed by the team at Unique X who are very passionate about cinema and all it can offer.  Having realised that private VIP cinema bookings weren’t easy to find in the UK cinema industry, the team started the development of the Book the Cinema concept.  The goal was to create a service that would allow consumers to take greater control over their movie-watching experience, as well as benefit from personalised features.

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