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We all know those days when you have nothing to do and you are just bored. Here are some ideas of what to do with the family on rainy days.

What to do with the family on rainy days

We all know those days when you have nothing to do and you are just bored. If you have kids, it is even worse to keep them entertained. And then when the rain starts so no one can go outside, it does not get any better. So what can you do if you stay inside?

What are your options for entertainment? Sure, you can always gamble at the Australian National Casino. But another option is a cozy movie night. Either with your kids and wife or maybe with a few friends. 

There are movies for every genre. With popular Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston, or Blake Lively. But that makes it very difficult. Everyone has their own preferences. So how do you choose a movie? It is not that easy. And you can argue for hours about the perfect choice. 

So before you invite friends, prepare some movies. But do not watch your favorite movie. Just a little advice. Imagine one of your friends does not like it. 

benefits watching movies

When you finally decide on a movie, the next question immediately arises. What are we going to order for dinner?

Again, there are too many options. But that is easier to solve because some restaurants do not offer just one type of cuisine. And if you cannot agree, everyone just orders what they want. Hopefully, it will come on time and at about the same time.

But you can also prepare a few snacks or maybe a whole dish that you know your friends or family will love. Or that you can easily modify to please everyone. For example, pizza or tacos. But of course, you cannot miss something sweet afterward. Like cotton candy, M&Ms, and other snacks. A good strategy is to ask your friends to bring their favorite sweets so you have an even bigger selection. 

By the way, it is scientifically proven that eating in front of the TV makes you happy. And let us face it, who wouldn’t be happy when they are with friends, enjoying good food, and watching a good movie. 

benefits watching movies


To make it fun for everyone here is some advice. Provide more seating for your guests so no one has to be squeezed in. Lay out enough blankets and pillows to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. 

After all, that food, do not forget to provide plenty of drinks. Coke, Fanta, water, and maybe some wine are a must. Also, dim the lights while you watch the movie. That way it looks like you are at the movies. But do not be so strict about not talking. It is much more entertaining to make up your own dialogue from movies than to watch the actual movie.

The last and most important piece of advice. Do not forget the popcorn! It is the hit of any movie night. Even microwaved popcorn is delicious. You cannot go wrong with it. There are even several different flavors. Let your guests or family decide which they prefer. 

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