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How to Host a Perfect Movie Night in 7 Easy Steps

For many movie lovers, traditional theaters feel almost completely irrelevant these days. Although people frequently blame the COVID-19 pandemic for the fact that many movie theater chains are struggling, the fact is that the pandemic only exacerbated a trend that was several years in the making. These days, enormous TVs are surprisingly affordable. Movies are distributed for home viewing at 4K Ultra-HD resolutions and beyond. With a good surround system, you can build a home theater that actually sounds much better than most mall theaters. In short, there simply aren’t many compelling reasons to go to a traditional theater anymore.

Movie viewing, however, is an inherently social activity. If you’ve gone through the expense and effort of building a great home theater, you don’t just want to sit around watching movies by yourself – you want to share the experience with your family and friends. Are you ready to show off your home theater by hosting a great movie night? Here are a few tips to ensure that all of your guests will have a perfect experience.

Buy Disposable Vapes for the Smokers in Your Group

Smoking isn’t as common as it used to be – but in a random group of 10 or more people, it’s likely that at least one or two of them will be smokers. You certainly don’t want people smoking in your nice home theater, and you probably don’t want to alienate the smokers in your group by forcing them to go outside for smoke breaks either. What’s the alternative? You can let them satisfy their cravings without missing out on the fun by simply buying a disposable vape such as a Puff Bar for each of them. You never know – introducing your friends to vaping may even encourage some of them to quit smoking.

Arrange for a Good Selection of Movie-Friendly Snacks

If you want to bring your movie night to the next level, your guests will absolutely love it if you have an authentic selection of snacks for them to enjoy. Soda, popcorn and candy are absolute musts. If you want to offer some more upscale food offerings, don’t choose something messy that could stain your expensive furniture. Cheese, charcuterie and crackers can work well, but chicken wings are probably a bad idea. If you’re doing something really elaborate like having friends over to watch an entire movie trilogy, you might want to serve a real meal. In that case, you should consider avoiding the stress of cooking and contact a local restaurant that offers catering services instead. Schedule a meal break outside the theater area between films. 

Choose a Theme That Your Guests Will Love

So far, our movie night hosting tips have focused on creating a viewing environment that will keep your guests happy and comfortable. A movie night is nothing, however, without the films themselves. Instead of choosing movies at random, try to come up with a theme that makes the event a more cohesive experience. People always enjoy having an excuse to re-watch the Star Wars or Indiana Jones trilogies, of course, but unusual themes that are a bit more off the beaten path can also be a lot of fun. You could screen a few film noir classics from the ‘40s or teen comedies from the ‘90s. You could highlight the work of a specific actor or director. Get creative!

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

It’s normal for a movie theater to be kept at a fairly cool temperature because everyone loves snuggling while watching a movie. Hopefully, you’ve got a good blend of chairs and couches – maybe even a recliner or two – so your guests can enjoy the films in whatever seating positions they prefer. If you’re going to crank up the air conditioning, though, remember that not everyone in your group will want to huddle together for warmth. Have a few blankets and pillows available to ensure that everyone will be able to maintain maximum comfort.

Plan Your Lighting Scheme

Proper lighting is one of the most essential ingredients of a great movie night. If you’re planning to screen a few films, it’s likely that a portion of your movie “night” will actually take place during the day. If your viewing area has windows, you’ll need blackout curtains in order to prevent the sunlight from causing glare. It’s also important to remember that people will almost certainly want to stand up occasionally – to use the restroom or grab some snacks, for instance – while a movie is playing. You don’t want your guests to crash into things as they try to move around, so you should have some ambient lighting that allows people to find their way but won’t distract viewers from what’s happening on the screen.

Consider an Interactive Movie Night

If you’ve gone through the effort of putting together a home theater and assembling your friends for a movie night, it’s highly likely that you’ll want to be the one selecting the movies. You probably have some great ideas in mind for showing off your screen and sound system. If hosting movie nights is going to become a tradition for you, though, consider involving your friends in the selection process. For example, you could start out with a pool of several movies along the same theme and have guests vote on the specific films they want to watch. Your friends’ favorite movies may not be exactly the same as your favorites, and they’ll love taking part in the selection process.

Plan Some Post-Movie Festivities

The final step in planning a great movie night is having some idea of what you’re going to do when the last film ends. After all, there aren’t many opportunities to socialize during a movie. Your friends might enjoy an opportunity to hang out for a while before they go home. It’s also nice to enjoy a bit of fresh air after spending hours in a home theater. Enjoying some drinks and conversation outside might be a perfect way to end a great movie night.

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