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Pax 2 is one of the best vape pens on the market. We discuss how to pack the Pax 2 for maximum enjoyment.

How tight should I pack my Pax 2?

Although the Pax 2 works well when the bowl is tightly packed, light dampers that find themselves in a kind of cucumber when they want to paper the bowl may find that their shell works poorly when tightly packed. 

Fortunately, that is exactly what Pax Pusher is aiming for, and made in the US of medical stainless steel, it is a small accessory that fits into your PAX 2 bowl and serves as a spacer so you can vent less efficiently. In this guide, we will review the NewVape Venting Pushor, an accessory made by Newvape that is designed to enhance your Pax vaporization experience. 

The operation of the handle is super easy, you simply adjust the distance with a small button on the bottom and then plug it flat into the heating chamber of the Pax 2.

The PAX 3 has much better insulation than the PAX 2, so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands, and it performs similarly to the Pax 2, but with less material. If the whole bowl is too much for you, that’s no big deal, but if you use it in half a packing chamber, it becomes a bigger deal. The PAX2 only accepts about half a bowl, but a full bowl only accepts about 1 / 4 of a cup of water. 

In this article, you will learn how to get the best performance out of your PAX vaporizer. Finally, leave the herb mixture lightly loaded, and air is a friend against stickier substances, so pack it tightly.

If you don’t get enough steam, how do you get better results, and if not, what do you do wrong, and how do you forget? 

One of the most important things that affect how much steam you get is how finely you grind your herbs and how tightly you put them in the oven. I usually pour enough soil into my oven to overfill it so that there are no extra layers, and then I take my charger and pack the herbs as tightly as I would like them. It is also very important to pack the herb in such a way that it is also at the top, but not too tight. 

The second problem I have with my Pax 2 is that I find that the draw is a bit tight when I use finely ground buds. The animation on the right shows me how I pack my Pax 2, and you can see how fine the herbs are and how tight I pack them.

The ventilated lid fits flush and perfectly into the oven, similar to the official Pax 2 pot, but has 25 smaller holes to improve the airflow. It makes it easy to take a pouf that is larger than a normal lid. After spending some time testing ventilated lids, I can say with certainty that using this lid makes bigger and better blows on the Pax 2 and ovens that don’t have any of them much easier.

The steam will be less dense, with a lower charge in a loose pack, but you can still forget good results. I use the Pax Pusher I’ve caught up with my new vape and have a lot less herb to use in the oven.

The stainless steel press reduces the chamber so you can use fewer herbs, while still having a tight pack to get the best results. If you want it a little easier, use half a pack with an oven lid and pack it full for 10 hits. The PAX 3 offers the ultimate session experience with a full pack, a good amount of steam, and a high-quality vaporizer.

The redevelopment Pax 3 is for those who want the purity of herbs in the palm of their hands when a dab or a carted Vapiano do it for them. In terms of steam output, it is similar to the Pax 2 but requires less maintenance than the PAX 2. There was still a lot to improve and it was still a lot more expensive than its predecessor, although not as expensive as the original. 

I have heard of people who vaporize the PAX 2 for 20 sessions without cleaning it, so I would recommend cleaning it to ensure it performs at its best and the airflow remains nice and open. There is also the question of whether to use a proper cotton pipe cleaner, not synthetic ones that can get caught in the airflow path and could melt when heated again. 

You can feel it getting tighter as you walk through the PAX, but I would recommend you clean it again before you go in and make sure it is clean and that the airflow works well and stays open! 

The type of conductive evaporator makes it so that you really need to pack it tightly into the oven to get proper steam production. So if you are a high-temperature steamer, get it out and forget about it and read the Tips and Tricks section at the end of this review. Here the PAX 3 improves considerably compared to the PAX 2. The PAX 2 and 3 both have the same amount of airflow, but a slightly different airflow path.

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