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If you are preparing for an upcoming trip and are wondering if a neck pillow is worth it, let's dive into the details.

Find Comfort While Flying With a Neck Pillow for Plane Travel

If you are preparing for an upcoming trip and are wondering if a neck pillow is worth it, please read on. Anyone who has traveled knows how exhausting it is and how bad your neck will hurt if you happen to sleep in a weird position. Planning and purchasing a travel pillow may be the best decision you’ve ever made. Here are five good reasons you should never travel without a neck pillow for plane travel ever again. 

The Comfort of Home

When you pick out a travel pillow, try picking one out that is made of the same material as your pillow from home. The familiar feel will help you sleep easier.  There are also various cases to choose from so you can choose the one that reminds you of your pillowcase. The simple pleasures in life can make us feel close to home. 

Upgrade Your Travel Rest 

Falling asleep in a public place is uncomfortable, but it can also be gross. You never know who was there before you or the last time it was cleaned. Bringing your comfortable travel pillow will ensure that your head rests on something soft, familiar, and clean. You can wake up feeling refreshed and not like you need to take a shower immediately. 

Prevent Complete Exhaustion

Traveling is already tiring, especially if you are traveling a further distance. Having a travel pillow on hand can prevent things like waking up every time your head droops, leaning on the person next to you, waking up with neck pain, and short little cat naps. If you have a more extended flight, you can capitalize on this time and get a good rest. You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to complete your journey or enjoy your destination once you get there. 

Health Benefits 

Using a travel pillow can even have health benefits like preventing snoring or sleep apnea. Nobody wants to be the person snoring loudly on a plane, and while it is entirely normal, it can be embarrassing. Ensuring your head is upright and open airways is the key to ensuring you are not snoring and not having sleep apnea episodes. In addition, you can be sure next time you doze off that you are not bothering those next to you. 

Conveniently Comfortable

Travel pillows have come a long way and are easier than ever to travel with and keep clean. Many come with their cases or straps to attach to your luggage, freeing up your hands while keeping them clean. Then, once you get home, just throw the pillow or cover in the washing machine so it is clean and ready to go next time you travel. 

Choosing the Perfect Pillow

As you pick out your travel pillow, there are some general guidelines to follow to ensure you are getting one that perfectly suits you. 


The primary purpose of your pillow is to support your neck. Many companies use memory foam because it supports the weight of your head without being too hard.  


Another thing to consider is what the cover is made of. You want to choose a soft, breathable fabric, so you do not wake up with a sweaty, sticky face. 


Be sure to check the reviews on how it holds up and is easy to clean. You may not need to spend a lot on a decent pillow, but however much you spend, you want it to hold up for a while and get a lot of use out of it and ensure that it will not fall apart when you clean it. 


While travel pillows are already small, you want to ensure that they are the right size and weight for your liking because you will be carrying them around with your other luggage. The pillows that tie onto your other bags are very convenient. 

Travel Comfortably

After reviewing all things about travel pillows, hopefully, you can pick out the perfect one to travel as comfortably as possible. Finally, the days of stick necks and exhausting travel are over! 

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