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Life after PornHub for Mia Khalifa has been filled with its fair share of high points! What is the creator up to now?

Life after Pornhub: What is Mia Khalifa up to now?

Life after PornHub for Mia Khalifa has been filled with its fair share of high points! Her very short career in the adult film world helped solidify her as a superstar, but it doesn’t represent who she is today. She made a few videos for three months at the age of twenty-one, but now she’s twenty-eight years old and she’s totally thriving in other avenues of life. 

The gorgeous Lebanese-American model always stays busy keeping up with her fans, continuing to pursue a career in the spotlight, and so much more. Here’s what life after PornHub has been like for the lovely Mia Khalifa.

Her divorce

After PornHub, Mia Khalifa married a man named Robert Sandberg who works as a chef. After being married for two years, the two have announced their official divorce. According to Instagram, Khalifa wrote, “We can confidently say we gave it our all in making our marriage work, but after almost a year of therapy and efforts, we are walking away knowing we have a friend for life and each other, and that we truly tried.”

 It sounds like there isn’t any bad blood between the two and their split is completely amicable. She admitted her DMs have been kind of crazy since her divorce announcement which makes a lot of sense . . . People all over the world want to shoot their shot with her knowing that she’s now back on the market. 

Just because she’s single, it doesn’t mean she’s ready to date anyone anytime soon though. As of now, Khalifa is still totally single.

Her career

After PornHub came to an end, Mia Khalifa’s continued pursuing careers in sports hosting, television producing, social media influencing, and webcam modeling. The sports podcast she landed back in 2018 was alongside a former ESPN radio host named Tyler Coe. 

It seems Khalifa knows what she’s talking about when it comes to sports since she’s a well-rounded young woman with an interest in way more than what people might realize. Sports podcasts are super popular these days and it’s an avenue Khalifa has pursued. In terms of making adult content, Khalifa has an OnlyFans profile where she’s totally in control of the content she releases and the money she earns. 

She’s got 517 pictures posted along with fifty-eight videos and in total, she’s raked in over 198,800 likes. Her status on OnlyFans is quite impressive compared to others. It costs $12.99 to subscribe to her OnlyFans on a month-to-month basis. Although she’s no longer filming professional adult movies, you can still see some of her more provocative content through this account. 

Her social media

Now that her PornHub life is over, Mia Khalifa has remained pretty active on social media. On Twitter, she’s got over 3.9 million followers who love catching up with her and the random thoughts she has throughout the day. She tweets about random things such as wanting to be mysterious and conflicting feelings of love she is facing. 

She also retweeted a post about Marilyn Manson & DaBaby joining the stage with Kanye West since the combination of artists isn’t what too many people are happy with. On TikTok, Khalifa has 27.6 million followers who find her random content to be super funny. 

She posts skits about taking her first sip of coffee for the day responding to Lizzo and more. Khalifa’s Instagram is another great place to keep up with her. She has 25.1 million followers who enjoy the gorgeous selfies & bikini shots she consistently posts all the time.

What’s the most interesting thing about Mia Khalifa‘s life after PornHub? Let us know in the comments.

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  • i am really impressed by thi Mia khalifa…it jst amzing that how can she move out her self from such tough and dirty life….as well as her support by the writers…i did not think her that good…but what i read is jst amzing…i must say no one is bad on the world..jst the situation and decisions are…lol

    October 11, 2023

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