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Why is Mia Khalifa getting involved with OFTV? See what's next for the OnlyFans's star's XXX content on the app.

Where will you be able to watch Mia Khalifa’s XXX content now?

What’s going with OnlyFans? The best way to describe the popular company’s recent actions is to call them an attempt to “have their cake and eat it too”. How else would you describe it when a website known for NSFW content launches an app that’s . . . safe for work? And how does this all tie into Mia Khalifa’s XXX career?

The simple answer is it doesn’t. Mia Khalifa hasn’t produced actual XXX content in years – at least not for mass consumption. That doesn’t mean the Lebanese-American personality has stopped being an icon in the adult entertainment industry. The kind of big name that could lend legitimacy to a new OnlyFans venture, if you know what we mean.

Okay, okay, enough preamble. Let’s see what OFTV is all about.

OnlyFans: Safe for Work edition!

Unless you live under a rock, you know what OnlyFans deals with. It’s the kind of content you generally (hopefully) watch in the privacy of your own home. But OnlyFans wants to be more than just a brand associated with amateur explicit adult videos. Over the past few months, the company has been working hard on widening its horizons and pivoting into slightly less hardcore entertainment.

Enter OFTV, a streaming service featuring some major adult entertainment stars – such as Mia Khalifa and other well-known XXX performers – but putting them to work in surprisingly tame environments. Fitness, cooking, comedy, music . . . all brought to you by OnlyFans personalities, but making sure you won’t get in trouble if your boss catches you watching one of the shows in your cubicle.

The main objective behind OFTV is to get OnlyFans (a version of it, at least) into Apple and Google devices. An actual OnlyFans app is the kind of thing you’d never see at the App Store because our tech overlords are kind of sensitive about, you know, “pornography”, as some people like to call it. OFTV manages to hit that sweet vanilla spot where Apple and Google have allowed it to come and play with the other apps.

Sometimes you only need three months

But what about Mia Khalifa, you ask? More importantly: what about Mia Khalifa XXX content, right? Get off those clouds, dear reader. The controversial adult entertainer quit porn long ago, after three intense months during which she caught the world by storm. While there’s plenty of XXX videos featuring Mia Khalifa, none of them are recent, and that isn’t likely to change, OFTV or not.

Here’s what many Mia Khalifa hopefuls have trouble grasping: she’s already been to the top of the XXX mountain, so to speak. It didn’t take her too long either. And once she became a massively successful adult entertainer, she realized that’s not what she wanted to do with her life. You know what Mia Khalifa really likes? Sports. She’s been trying to turn that passion into a career as a commentator.

Of course, at the end of the day she’s still Mia Khalifa, and that name is going to conjure up XXX images for the rest of her life, probably. Which is why OnlyFans saw her as a perfect “get” on this new endeavor of theirs. Mia Khalifa on OFTV? Sign us up!

Sizzle or fizzle?

So what is Mia Khalifa doing on OFTV if she’s not going back to her XXX roots? Well, she’s doing interviews. That might be a disappointment for some of her fans, but we know there are plenty of people who’d just be happy to see her do anything, clothed or not. So maybe OFTV is on to something. 

In fact, it’d seem OnlyFans is counting on people checking out OFTV thanks to Mia Khalifa but sticking around to see what else the app has to offer. CEO Tim Stokely told Bloomberg: “People who have come on to OFTV to watch one video may go on to choose another. It’s a wider audience, and perhaps a slightly different audience.”


You’re going to have to dig around the web for old Mia Khalifa XXX content. But what do you think about OFTV? Is it a streaming service you’re interested in? Let us know in the comments!

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