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They say you have to work like you don't have kids and raise kids like you don't work. Melissa Rowland is throwing that tired chestnut away. You can too!

Motherhood or Entrepreneurship? Melirowland Chooses Both

A parent’s ability to advance in their work is limited by having children, working parents, including 23% of working mothers claim they have turned down a promotion because they are juggling work and parenting duties, according to recent studies. 

Melissa Rowland,  known as Melirowland, shows us that these statistics are not necessarily true. Melirowland is a mother, businesswoman, and influencer. She is an excellent example of how you can change your circumstances and live the life you desire. 

Her story began when she was a broke college student trying to make ends meet by working two jobs. She worked as a makeup artist and an assistant for a legal office while attending California State University, Long Beach. She graduated from law school with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in 2012 and dropped out the following year.

She decided she didn’t want to work in an office and instead wanted to be her own boss. “If I’m dropping out of law school, I don’t want to work for anyone,” she told her then-partner when he approached her about working for him, and she persuaded him to make her a partner at his firm.

She made her first million at the age of 21 after launching the M J Holdings Firm in 2013. When she was 24 years old, she turned her company into a million-dollar corporation, bought her first condo in Long Beach, and her first luxury car, a 2010 Bentley. 

But her triumph didn’t end there; at the age of 28, she purchased her first Rolls-Royce. She’s traveled the world on a private aircraft, stayed on a private island, and dined at a number of Michelin-starred restaurants since then.

Despite her many accomplishments, Melirowland began to feel that she was married to her business and had no desire to settle down. Everything changed after her grandmother passed away in 2015. She began to feel lonely and desired to create her own family.

Melirowland met her ideal mate on a private shared charter trip from New York to London in 2017. She was on her way to Drake’s “Boy Meets World” tour when she met her future spouse on a Gulfstream IV. In 2018, they married in Paris, France. Shangri-la Paris hosted their dream wedding. 

Later that year, the wedding joy was shattered by devastating news. She became pregnant, however, the pregnancy terminated in a miscarriage. Fortunately, there was a happy ending: they had their first child, a healthy baby boy, in October 2019, and their second child, another healthy baby boy, in September 2020. These two sons were born only 11 months apart and came as a double blessing.

What fuels her passion

One of her greatest passions is assisting children in the foster care system. From the age of 14 to 17, she was in foster care. Despite the fact that her chances of entering college were stacked against her, she was able to emancipate at the age of 17 and was granted a scholarship to Csulb.

Her perspectives were changed by her experiences as a first-generation college student and a minority female. She is passionate about mentoring and advising other youngsters who are in similar situations.

Melirwoland’s second great passion is sticking up for women who have been abused, as her mother has been a victim of abuse and violence. Melirowland is a supporter of women dealing with infertility or postpartum depression, as she has dealt with pregnancy complications herself.

What is next for Melirowland

As a mother of two sons and a busy lifestyle in Calabasas, managing her business while continuing her career as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur has been difficult. To balance everything at once takes a lot of thought and effort. Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident at work, and we may expect self-care items for moms and dads, as well as a baby line, in the future. 

Melirowland is a big fan of Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie’s travels throughout the world to help children and other women improve their lives motivate Melirowland to undertake humanitarian work when her sons are older. Apart from work, Melirowland likes to travel the world, especially Europe to visit her favorite city, Paris. Her husband is originally from the Bahamas and she looks forward to taking her boys to visit their family there. 

Melissa Rowland, better known as Melirowland, has come a long way. Her achievement serves as an example to many female entrepreneurs. We can look forward to many more of her business success and family vacations to the Bahamas can be found online.

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