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Looking for a new hobby? Click here to find out about five of the things you could try without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

Fun Activities You Need to Try from Your Living Room

Everyone needs a hobby, and there are so many different types of activities that you can try. While you should try to find one or two that will get you out of the house, there are plenty you can try if you want to stay at home. Here are some of the best hobbies you can enjoy if you just want to hang out at home.

Watching Films

Everyone loves to sit down to the latest blockbuster or an old favourite. Films allow us to escape into other worlds and stories, and it is a great activity to try out whether you are on your own or with friends.

However, if you want to turn this from just an everyday activity into a full hobby, you should start to develop some patterns in how you watch. You don’t have to think about films critically, but looking into the art of filmmaking can give you more of an idea about how your favourite films are put together.

Even just deciding to watch all the films of a top director or actor can teach you an awful lot about the world of films, and can help you elevate this activity to a full hobby.


There is nothing quite like a good book. Reading is a fantastic way to relax the mind and suck you into a world of pure imagination. You can learn so much from a good book so deciding to read every now and then is a great way to expand your horizons.

Who said that you only have to read fiction too? Though there are so many types of fiction to dive into, there is also a vast world of non-fiction to try. If you find that fiction is not your cup of tea, try to find a non-fiction book that could interest you. It could be a great way to bolster another hobby of yours.

Playing Games

If you are not yet an avid gamer then you have simply not found your game. There is something for everyone, whether you want to check out an exciting and new MGA casinos list or you log on to the latest MMORPG that is packed with activity.

Not everything has to be online too! Don’t forget that there are so many board games out there to try. If you have only ever played classics like Monopoly and Scrabble then you need to catch up.

From cooperative board games where you all need to work together to beat an objective to games that allow you to make elaborate deals and betrayals in the same turn, there is so much to discover. Games are a great way to pass the time, so don’t be afraid to explore what is out there.


Those who might want to be a little more creative with their hobbies should definitely consider something like painting. While we might only be taught in school to try realistic landscapes and still lifes, trying out painting as an adult means that we get to explore our own artistic paths and feelings to develop a style that is our own.

One day you might want to venture outside, especially if you become a fan of landscapes, but for now you can practice in the comfort of your own home. Take the time to settle into your own style and get to grips with art – it is a brilliant way to express yourself.


Puzzles can be considered to be a little bit different from gaming, since the latter can often be a social affair while you might tackle a puzzle on your own. Why not try a jigsaw out? There are many beautiful designs out there to try, and a big one with thousands of pieces could keep you occupied for quite some time.

If you want to tie this in with gaming, there are plenty of puzzle-based apps and games to try. Load up a hidden object game or get lost in a platform puzzler. If you have a keen mind that always needs to be challenged, this is a great option to explore.

These are just some of the hobbies that you need to look into if you want to try something new. Even if you don’t fancy leaving the comfort of your own home, there will be some fun activity to help occupy your mind. Try some of our suggestions out today, it could soon be one of your favourite ways to spend your downtime!

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