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Make every morning a chance for a new literary discovery when you download the 'Book Morning!' app to wake you up with your favorite selections!

New Book Morning! App Makes You Love Your Mornings

No matter how great your plans for the day are, the not-so-great part is getting out of bed in the morning. You might be excited for your early morning walk or workout or looking forward to a hearty breakfast and your first cup of coffee, but that annoying alarm sound is never ever exciting.

If you could get past the waking up part, you’re off to an enjoyable day. But as we all know, the waking up part is usually slow and hard, and getting jolted from sleep and leaving your warm and comfy bed is just not the most pleasant thing to do. Worse, it doesn’t get easier even if we have to do it every day.

Yes, alarms are helpful. They do the job and get you up. But do you actually look forward to hearing that jarring noise first thing in the morning, day in and day out? I know I don’t.

For many years, I’ve relied on alarm sounds to wake me up every day. And I’ve always made sure to choose the most soothing tunes so I’m awakened in the most relaxing way possible. While they get the job done, they’re still not the greatest way to start the morning. They’re just routine, but not an exciting routine.

How great would it be if you had an alarm that you actually looked forward to? Since you’ll be relying on it (and stuck with it) every day, it needs to be so fun that you’re happy to make it a part of your daily morning routine.

So let me introduce you to this amazing new Book Morning! app. You may have heard of and even used creative alarms but this might just be the most unique and entertaining yet. I myself have never tried such a cool app before. What it is? Book Morning! is an alarm clock app that tells you stories to wake you up in the morning. For sure it’s going to make waking up really fun, light, and super easy.

In the same way that bedtime stories make your nighttime routine exciting, Book Morning! promises to make wake-up time amusing as well. After all, when there’s something fun to look forward to as soon as your alarm clock sounds, it’s a whole lot easier to get up.

This app makes your early morning routine more pleasant by telling you “good morning stories.” As the user, you play the role of the assistant of Dr. Wakey, an astronomer, and you have three stories to choose from: Far as Cielo which is about war and racial oppression, The Last Cat Alive which is a campus mystery, and No Place Like Home which is an exciting sci-fi story and ideal for those who love something out of space.

When you wake up on time every morning, the “Book Morning!” app rewards you by revealing new chapters of the story. If you’re a wide reader or have always loved a good tale, you know how hard it is to put a good book down. This app plays off that concept – when you have a story to look forward to every morning, waking up becomes a good and easy habit.

Book Morning! is created by the Taiwan-based app developer Fourdesire in partnership with popular video games developer Red Candle Games. The purpose is to help users improve their sleep routine in a fun and engaging way.

Book Morning! is free and will be available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store after March 24, 2022.

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