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Nerves are often on edge after a traffic accident. The right behavior after an accident is essential, that's why hiring an experienced lawyer is a must.

It’s your right to seek legal help of an experienced lawyer after a road accident

Nerves are often on edge after a traffic accident. With a bit of luck, there is only body damage to the car, in an emergency it may even be injured people. The right behavior after an accident is essential, especially in the case of high damage or suspected misconduct. You can only rule out adverse legal consequences if you behave correctly. The Church & Page PLLC law firm specializes in traffic law and has the necessary specialist knowledge and instinct to advise you optimally after a traffic accident.

Traffic accident with personal injury

The consequences of an accident are divided into property damage, that is, damage to vehicles, clothing, street signs, etc., and personal injury, that is, physical injuries and their consequential damage. Consequential damage can be of considerable proportions. They range from loss of earnings to rehabilitation costs and disability. Therefore, advice from attorneys for auto accident injuries is essential in the event of accidents involving personal injury.

What are the most common personal injuries?

The number of traffic fatalities decreases every year. There are injuries that are very common in traffic accidents – broken bones, bruises, and tendon and muscle injuries. Fortunately, death is a rare consequence of an accident.

Compensation and compensation after a traffic accident

If you have suffered damage after a traffic accident, you have two types of claims: compensation for damages and compensation for pain and suffering.


Compensation is an amount of money intended to compensate for damage that has occurred. The specific damage must be proven. For example, this can be done with a repair invoice from a workshop. If the repair is causally attributable to the accident event, the repair costs are the compensation.

Personal injury compensation

Compensation for pain and suffering is paid for immaterial damage. Therefore, there is no concrete damage. If you break a bone because of an accident that is not your fault and has to be treated in hospital, there will be costs for medical care. Your health insurance initially covers this.

Compensation is about the personal pain and suffering you feel because of the injury. Compensation is intended to alleviate this suffering. Who will feed your family if you are partially disabled by an accident? The person who causes the accident will compensate you.

How much is the compensation?

Compensation for pain and suffering compensates particularly for physical pain, but mental stress and the atonement function are also considered. When assessing the amount to be paid, insurance companies use tables for compensation for pain and suffering. These naturally do not take into account the individual fate of each individual. In this respect, comprehensive advice and help in enforcing your claim from an experienced lawyer are advantageous.

In the end

Your traffic lawyer knows the relevant laws and can assess what you will face in advance. If a measure, such as a fine or even criminal proceedings, has been imposed on you, the law firm will check whether this was done lawfully. If this is not the case, your law firm can take action against the decision.

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