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Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers Powers Up Its Marketing with Brantley Davis Ad Agency

BDAA Charged with Adding Jolt to The Power of Perkins Brand

Attorney Jonathan Perkins has been in the legal profession for more than thirty years. He sold the first law firm he started, retired and quickly discovered the golf course was not his ultimate destination.  Jonathan realized that helping working people fight insurance companies and recover after accidents was what gave him purpose in life.  So, he started another personal injury law firm, Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers.  Nearly twenty years later, he’s been named one of the top one hundred lawyers in the nation, top ten for client satisfaction and even Super Lawyer.  Best of all, he’s helped more than ten thousand accident victims.  But even with all the success, Jonathan felt like the Power of Perkins brand needed a recharge.  Along with his digital marketing guru Paul Eisen of The Legal Marketing Company, Jonathan began searching for an ad agency with deep experience in law firm marketing and a reputation for making brands sizzle.  

“We’d been searching for an ad agency for over a year when Paul suggested  Brantley Davis Ad Agency,” recalled Jonthan Perkins, President of Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers.  “I’d never heard of Brantley but his agency had thirty years experience marketing law firms, high profile clients and a clever creative product.  So I hired him and we’re delighted.”    

Attorney Jonathan Perkins on the set with actress Paula Black

Attorney Jonathan Perkins on the set with actress Paula Black on Day 2 of shooting ads.  

Brantley Davis Ad Agency works with top personal injury law firms from New York to Seattle. The agency’s work is well regarded throughout the industry and has been the subject of comedic sketches on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live. BDAA was founded in 2021 by Brantley Davis, an award winning writer and ad agency veteran.  He has been marketing law firms since 1993.  Davis and his team are credited with introducing marketing tactics that have changed law firm marketing, including the use of fifteen second bookend commercials, competitive frequency benchmarking and creative hooks like  “What’s Your Case Worth?”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Connecticut’s top personal injury law firm,” commented Brantley Davis, President of Brantley Davis Ad Agency. “Attorney Jonathan Perkins has built a brilliant brand in the Power of Perkins and we’re honored to be entrusted with adding a little spark to it.”  

The attorneys at Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers have a reputation for standing up for people without the means or expertise to stand up to a big insurance company.  That’s why the firm charges no upfront fees and only charges clients if the firm wins their case.  

“Our no fee guarantee levels the playing field for ordinary people who’ve been injured in accidents,” explained Perkins.  “Otherwise, most people would be at the mercy of insurance companies.  And as we all know, insurance companies make more for their stockholders when they pay less for accident claims.”  

Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers also has a reputation for taking cases other lawyers have rejected.  

“We’re not like other law firms,” commented Jonathan Perkins. “We’re powered by the people, not necessarily big profits, so we’ll take a chance on a case.  That’s why our law firm often accepts cases other firms reject.  With thirty years of experience, we see possibilities others don’t.  That’s the power of Perkins!”  

Brantley Davis Ad Agency will handle TV negotiations on behalf of Jonathan Perkins Injury Lawyers in the Connecticut markets.  The agency is also developing its proven TV commercials, billboards and bus kings for Perkins while adding a clever wrinkle the Connecticut market may not be expecting.  It could be the jolt the Power of Perkins brand has been searching for.  We’ll find out in August when new creative is slated to launch across all Connecticut markets.  

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