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The outcome of your car accident claims depends on the strength of your evidence. Here are some tips to consider.

When it comes time to settle a car accident claim, many questions arise. Here are four of the most common questions and their answers. What percentage do most injury

Nerves are often on edge after a traffic accident. The right behavior after an accident is essential, that's why hiring an experienced lawyer is a must.

Lawyers are essential when you get in a car accident. Find out how to find the right one for you.

A car accident can be a traumatic experience. Here's a lawyer's guide to how to handle such an accident.

Oakland Raiders' wide receiver Henry Ruggs III has been involved in a fatal car accident while under the influence. Learn what's next for the football star.

Choosing a car accident lawyer is not easy at all. Find out which questions you should ask when hiring a lawyer.

Car accidents can be a serious occurrence. Find out when and why you need to consult a car accident lawyer.

Dealing with a chaotic car accident will be some of the toughest situations of your life. Here's what you should do.