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Jean Paulo Lasmar: Directing Powerful Connections Between People and Causes

The adage that art imitates life is encapsulated in the film industry. This is particularly true of documentaries, capable of capturing the highs and lows of the human experience. Cinema has the ability to pull at our heartstrings and drag otherwise untouched concepts to the surface for all to see. Through film, one can live the lives of many characters, which is an inspiration not lost on award-winning director Jean Paulo Lasmar, who found his passion and adoration for directing unexpectedly.

Lasmar began his filmmaking career as a producer of sports documentaries, but even this came about in an unexpected way. Before embarking on his journey as a director, Lasmar had already earned a degree in Architecture and Urbanism. After falling in love with film, he worked on sports documentaries like Vida Sobre Rodas for Buena Vista International (Disney) and studied cinema at the prestigious FAAP in São Paulo. Lasmar was then admitted to a Film and Television Production program at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where he earned an MFA. 

A few years later, Lasmar entered the advertising world as a director. While he would go on to work on several award-winning campaigns in the advertising industry, he initially became involved in advertising due to a very personal project. For over five years, Lasmar spent thousands of hours filming his journey with his son, Gabriel. Gabriel was born prematurely with extensive health complications. Not knowing if his film would be the only documentation of his son’s life, Lasmar continued to capture every moment of his son’s struggle. 

With a plethora of highly emotional and captivating footage, Lasmar collaborated with a music composer and a creative director to eventually sculpt the film Breathe: Gabriel’s Story. The documentary was then used for a national broadcast fundraising campaign for the non-profit March of Dimes. 

Shortly after, Lasmar directed the short film for the campaign The Unwearable Collection, which became the third-most awarded work in healthcare in 2022. With these projects on his resume, Lasmar’s career as a notable director, creating powerful connections between people, brands, and causes, was set on firm ground.

Lasmar has garnered immense recognition, including consecutive Golden Lions at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in 2022 and 2023. He has also been ranked #1 Director in Pharma and #5 in Health and Wellness at The One Show. His work has been awarded Grands Prix in Clio and LIA and acclaimed with several other accolades from The One Show, ADC, Creative Floor, New York Health, Telly Awards, and more. 

These incredible highlights of JP Lasmar’s career are a testament to his talent and passion, as they mirror his inspiration to tell stories that shine a light of hope on the world. Even with so many prestigious awards under his belt, Lasmar has remained focused on telling good emotional stories through his distinctive lens, whether they are about urgent and sensitive issues that raise awareness or giving voice and identity back to those who have lost them. With consistently clear messages, Lasmar’s work is continually impactful, and only more is to come as he undoubtedly looks to push the boundaries of what it means to be a director.

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