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Did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry leaving royal life behind inspire this other royals to do as well? Read about Princess Mako and her "commoner" fiance.

Did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry inspire these royals to abandon the throne?

If the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry drama with the Royal Family isn’t yet enough tea to keep you satisfied, then we’re sure you’re going to love the latest Royal couple that’s being compared to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Thousands of miles away on the other side of the world exists Japanese royalty Princess Mako, and folks in Japan are freaking out about the latest news of her deciding to also marry a “commoner” person. 

So who exactly is Princess Mako, and who is the lucky man that she has decided to wed? The people and media of Japan are absolutely buzzing over the news of this soon to be happy couple, and everyone is itching to figure out what their love story is like and when and how it all began. Let’s take a look at the latest couple that has the world talking here, and also bring you up to date on the latest news on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. 

Princess Mako and her soon to be husband

So who is the newest Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that is creating much controversy all over the world? Well, it seems that all of Japan is flipping out over Princess Mako, the twenty-nine-year-old sweetheart and niece of Emperor Naruhito. We all know that if you’re a part of the royal family, who you marry and let into the family is a very important decision. Is Princess Mako making the right decision though? 

It’s been announced that Princess Mako is ready to marry her “commoner” beau named Kei Komuro. Of course, marrying into a Royal family is practically a fairytale story, so just who is the lucky man that will soon be joining the famous Japanese family? Well, Princess Mako’s soon to be husband Kei Komuro is just a regular person just like me or you, and he graduated back in May from Fordham Law School all the way in New York. 

Currently, Kei Komuro is working for a law firm in New York City. So how did a Princess in Japan meet a law student in New York? Well, it turns out that Mako met Komuro in a restaurant all the way back in 2012 when they were both in school at the International Christian University in Tokyo. The two officiated their engagement and planned to marry the next year in 2017 when her grandpa Akihito was the emperor of Japan. 

The new Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?

According to insiders, Princess Mako and Kei Komuro are being referred to as “the Meghan and Harry of Japan, controversially leaving behind a royal life to start a new life in the States”. Ulrika Yui from Japan’s Fuji TV even added to Page Six that “Many people are trying to link it to Prince Harry and Meghan, making it a similar story. . . Many people are trying to link it to Prince Harry and Meghan, making it a similar story”.

“And if Princess Mako will have to expect paparazzi photographers around her once she is settled in New York?”, Ulrika Yui added. “Are the American people welcoming [of them], and looking forward to the Japanese Princess moving to the US? Japanese media has been very harsh on her and her fiancé especially, but overseas reactions seem a bit different”. As for us, we’re absolutely gushing over this romantic story! We love to see it!

It does not seem like some people in Japan are taking this news kindly, and many people disapprove of their engagement. Princess Mako even “offered to decline all official wedding rituals and a payment of up to 150 million yen ($1.35 million) she is entitled to receive when leaving the imperial family and marrying a commoner. The Japanese government is set to agree that she forgo the payment”, per Page Six

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