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Features of Herbiar Hair Tinsel

Are you tired of your boring or same-color hair? Now, it’s time to upgrade your hair color as changing it got more fun. Fairy hair, aka hair tinsel, is the latest social media trend that is continuously gaining popularity. Hair tinsel was common in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and many people have followed this sparkling hair trend from the day it came into existence. 

After seeing this fantastic hair trend, Herbiar launched its new tinsel in hair product. This amazing product has 2400 hair tinsel strands in 12 different colors, i.e., brown, pink, green, red, black, sky blue, rose, gem blue, laser silver, gold, rainbow colors, and champagne gold. The Herbiar hair tinsel pack contains 200 beads that help to apply the tinsel to your hair, a pulling needle that helps to enter hair tinsel into the bead, a crochet that helps to form a secure connection between tinsel and beads, and a plier which is used to tighten the beads. 

What is hair tinsel?

Hair tinsel, also known as fairy hair or sparkling hair, is like a hair extension that is added to your mane to give a sparkling effect. These are glittery hair that gives your head a shimmer and reflective effect. 

After wearing the hair tinsel, most women, little girls, or teenagers say they feel beautiful because it adds joy, self-love, and excitement to their personalities. The magic of sparkling hair does not end after you attend the event, but it stays for a long time in people’s minds. 

Now, let’s see some great features of hair tinsel: 

  1. Herbiar hair tinsel is heat resistant which means that it can be straightened, rolled, and blow dry.
  2. Hair tinsel can be easily washed as you do them regularly.
  3. It is a quick temporary solution for sparkling hair.
  4. Hair tinsel offers you a subtle and glittery hair look.
  5. Wearing hair tinsel at night events or parties will give a charming effect to your personality.

  1. Hair tinsel gives cute colors to your mane without dying your hair with harsh chemicals.
  2. Herbiar hair tinsel is made with fine polyester material.
  3. Hair tinsel is safe because the beads will have a firm grip on hair and tinsel and will not damage your hair.
  4. Make funky combinations of tinsel for your hair, or you can use rainbow colors.
  5. Herbiar hair tinsel is heat resistant up to 200 °C/ 392 °F.

How to use the hair tinsel?

You have seen above the many great features of Herbiar hair tinsel; now, let’s use them to obtain glittery hair and a beautiful shining personality. Hair tinsel can be used with two methods.

METHOD 1: Beads Method

  1. Wash your hair properly and dry them.
  2. Style your hair the way you want.
  3. Choose the line from where you want the sparkles and divide your hair into two sections from that line.
  4. Pick 5 or 6 strands of hair and comb them.
  5. Take your favorite color of Herbiar hair tinsel and fold it in half.
  6. Take a bead that comes in the Herbiar hair tinsel pack and put it in the crochet.
  7. With the help of a pulling needle, enter the hair into the bead. (Do not pull out the bead from the crochet.)
  8. With the help of a pulling needle, enter hair tinsel into the bead.
  9. Pull the crochet in the opposite direction so that the bead and tinsel remain with your mane and a crochet emerges.
  10. With the help of a plier, move the bead forward until it reaches the head.
  11. Tighten the bead with a plier so that it won’t fall.
  12. Enjoy your new sparkling hair.

METHOD 2: Knot Method

  1. Wash your hair properly and dry them with a towel, or you can use the hair dryer
  2. Style your hair the way you like them
  3. Part your hair in two sections from where you want the sparkling hair and comb them properly
  4. Pick up your favorite color of hair tinsel and fold it in half. Mostly the hair tinsels come in 47 inches in length, so when you fold them in half, they still will be equal to your hair length
  5. After folding it in half, make a slip knot with ended loop. You can make a slip knot by pinching the folded end of the hair tinsel with your one hand in order to make a loop and slide the index finger of your second hand through the tinsel loop
  6. Take 4 or 5 strands of your hair and pass them through the tinsel loop
  7. Tighten the knot near your scalp so that it won’t fall
  8. Tie the tinsel strands in another knot to protect them from breakage or falling
  9. Enjoy your new fairy hairstyle.

You can also wear them by knot method, which will not require beads. Make a knot of hair tinsel with a single strand of your hair. Once that specific hair sheds, then the tinsel will also shed.


Who can use the hair tinsel?

Anyone who wants to have sparkling hair can use the hair tinsel. Little girls who have long hair can use the hair tinsel, and little girls or women who have short hair also use the tinsel by cutting it to the hair length after wearing it. Furthermore, it is also a good choice for females attending night parties or events. Herbiar hair tinsel is also an excellent choice to wear at casual gatherings. You can also wear them on formal occasions by wearing some strands of your favorite color of hair tinsel. Moreover, it is the best choice to wear them at women’s gatherings, birthday parties, brides, festivals, conferences, baby showers, and other events.

Herbiar hair tinsel covers all your events, festivals, and occasional needs, as little girls, teenage girls, and women prefer to wear it. So, shop now the sparkling hair at Herbiar!

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