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From Stills to Motion: The Transition of a Young Photojournalist to a World-Class Cinematographer with Liam Higgins

Nestled in the bustling landscape of film and visual arts, Liam Higgins has made a name for himself as an exceptional cinematographer. Originally a small-town photojournalist, Higgins has successfully transitioned into a world-class cinematographer, conquering the global stage and signing with the prestigious United Talent Agency in the United States. In an exclusive conversation, Higgins shares his journey, aspirations, and the unique perspective he brings to his craft.

What sets Higgins apart from his peers is his rare condition of synesthesia, enabling him to perceive emotions as colors. This extraordinary gift adds a distinct layer to his work, as he translates the emotions in a script through color, guiding his decisions on camera movement and scene composition.

Higgins’ talent has not gone unnoticed. After transitioning away from the world of photojournalism, he went on to garner critical acclaim with accolades such as the Gold Cube for Best Cinematography at The One Club Awards 2022 and the Berlin Commercial Awards 2022, where his film WAKE won Best Cinematography. His work has been showcased in festivals worldwide, with Soft receiving an official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival 2022 and a nomination for the Filmlight Colour Awards at the Camerimage Festival 2022.

Given his impactful work, Higgins’ meteoric rise did not come without challenges. Moving from the small city of Windsor to the metropolis of Toronto, he faced a steep learning curve in socializing through his art and navigating the industry. To hone his skills, he devoured quality work, conducted extensive research to identify the lane that resonated with him, and mastered the technical knowledge required to excel in his field.

Through his journey, Higgins discovered that patience and balance are crucial to creating exceptional art. He emphasizes the importance of being “impeccable with your word not only to others but to yourself” and the power of setting goals and working diligently towards them.

As for his aspirations, Higgins envisions himself working on high-caliber commercial, music video, and feature film projects. He dreams of specializing in coming-of-age, psychological thriller, and drama genres, which hold a deep personal connection. Additionally, he expresses a desire to engage in conversations with his favorite cinematographers about the future of cinematography, both technically and creatively.

Reflecting on his career thus far, Higgins’ story is one of determination and passion. He has carved a niche in the competitive commercial filmmaking space in Canada, showcasing his talents as a music video cinematographer in a visually-driven world. The theatrical release of his first feature film as a director of photography, Soft, marks another milestone in his incredible journey.

Liam Higgins‘ remarkable transition from a small-town Canadian photojournalist to a world-class cinematographer is a testament to his dedication, unique vision, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. In a world that often favors style over substance, Higgins’ work stands as an inspiring reminder of the power of storytelling through motion as he continues to create captivating visuals that resonate with audiences around the globe.

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