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Sexual dysfunction is a common issue that many couples face, and it can have a significant impact on relationship satisfaction and intimacy.

Here’s where to find the hottest ever free stories about sex

If you think that reading erotica is a quaint pastime in our porn-saturated culture, think again the brain is the most powerful sex organ there is, after all! For those who live at the intersection of brainy and horny, we’ve put together a list of websites where you can access completely free sex stories for a night of lewd ahem, light reading. 

Settle down with a cup of *hot* tea and get ready to steam up those reading glasses!

It’s all in the title: is a vast online database of 100% free, original sex stories organized by topic. Its library covers 32 flavors of fetishes with intriguing descriptions, from “battery operated vegetables” to “aliens, ghosts, androids & more.” (Interestingly, the most popular category on the website seems to be “Loving Wives.”) 

Though the website’s interface is extremely dated, evoking millennial memories of the worst fanfiction sites, the sheer wealth of stories it contains (usually over 10,000 per category) make this erotica website a standout. It doesn’t just stop at sexy stories, though it also has robust erotic poetry & art/comics sections. 

Best of all, it’s highly interactive: it accepts community submissions from readers and even hosts “people’s choice” contests if you’re looking to break into the erotica writing industry. 

Nifty Erotic Stories Archive 

The Nifty Erotic Stories Archive has been around almost since the invention of the internet (and, unfortunately, the website’s design mirrors this fact.) Established in 1992, Nifty has “over 300,000 stories by over 15,ooo authors.” What makes Nifty special, however, is that it strictly caters to free sex stories of the LGBTQ+ variety. 

Stories are separated into four main categories: gay, bisexual, lesbian, & transgender, which can also be whittled down into subsets of highly specific fantasies. Check out Nifty if you’re looking for good, bare-bones storytelling, with echoes of dime-store queer pulp fiction. 

Girl on the Net 

Girl on the Net is unique in that all of its free sex stories are written entirely by one woman. Originally conceived in 2011 as a sex blog, GOTN markets itself as a feminist,  “mostly true” archive of the author’s personal sexcapades. The purpose of the website, says the anonymous titular Girl, is to destigmatize and demystify sex for women who, like her, identify as “perverts.” 

“Women have come pretty far in terms of sexual liberation, but we still often come up against the same myths (that we’re not meant to enjoy sex, that our sexual pleasure is unimportant, that we’re probably only in it to find True Love one day) that have been swirling around society for years,” she writes on her About page. “And talking about something is the best way to drag it out of the shadows.” 

The website has since expanded into podcast territory, featuring a selection of GOTN’s “hottest stories” & guest story submissions converted into audio porn. New stories are available to listen to on the website every Thursday & Friday. 

BDSM Cafe 

If you’re from the less vanilla side of the tracks, then BDSM Cafe’s got you covered. Billing itself as “the original and still the best” BDSM fiction site, the 20 year old BDSM Cafe features everything from short stories to full-length novels to feature articles about what’s new in the kink community. Sex stories, on average, have a five-ten minute reading time if you’re looking to “get in the mood” on a short attention span. 

The website also has an educational  resources tab for beginners who want to get involved in BDSM but don’t know where to start including guides with titles like “BDSM on a Budget” and “Male Chastity Tips, Tricks and Techniques.” 

What are your some of your favorite websites for indulging in free sex stories? Let us know in the comments! 

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