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A registered agent handles the legalities that come with LLCs in Florida. How can you choose a registered agent in Florida?

Choosing a Florida Registered Agent: Here is How

When it comes to establishing a limited liability corporation (LLC), certain rules and regulations need to be followed depending on the state that you live in. One of the main requirements in the state of Florida is that LLCs must name a registered agent. 

So, with the requirement of a registered agent, you might be wondering where and how you should choose a registered agent in Florida and what you need to look for in a registered agent. Below will be a breakdown detailing all you need to know when it comes to registered agents and LLCs so that you can be on your way to establishing your very own business in Florida. 

Background of Registered Agents

A registered agent handles the legalities that come with LLCs in Florida. They can either be a business or a person who is responsible for the legal communication of your business. They could also deal with other official government notifications and tax forms. Seeing as an LLC establishes your business as a separate legal identity, that business needs a registered agent. 

Why a Registered Agent is Important in Florida

While registered agents are compulsory, there are still many benefits to choosing the right one. These benefits need to be considered when making the right choice.

The registered agent will act as the physical presence of your business. With your registered agent in the spotlight, you could have more privacy online. Certain legal notices will be sent to your registered agent first, meaning that you will not need to worry about receiving such stressful and private notices at your place of work in front of others. The right registered agent will go above and beyond the requirements and provide additional help when needed.

Potential Registered Agent Candidates in Florida 

In the state of Florida, you will be able to choose an individual or a state-qualified professional service to be your registered agent. 


When choosing this option, a member of your LLC, a member outside your LLC, or you yourself can act as a registered agent. If you are looking to save money as you’re starting out, this might be a better option as you would not need to pay extra costs. 

Take into account that whoever the individual is, their physical address and name will be public, and it will be the physical presence of the LLC. Considering that the individual will be receiving legal documents, their physical address must be open during regular business days and hours: Monday-Friday, from 9-5. 

Qualified Professional Service

If you decide on a qualified professional service, the costs range from $50 to $150. Should you have the funds, picking a qualified professional service is advantageous and creates many benefits. 

As mentioned previously, anonymity can be established for you, as legal business is initially handled by your registered agent. Consider turning to a qualified professional service if you require privacy and more time to conduct other business. The registered agent you hire will work regular hours, allowing you to focus on your other LLC responsibilities.

If an organization is crucial to you, then you should choose a registered agent from a professional service. Legal documents relating to your LLC, tax, fees, and more can easily complicate your life, with so many notices and forms being sent to you. A registered agent will compile and organize these documents and they will ensure your business navigates the legal waters to create a safe and secure image for your LLC. 

Choosing the Right Registered Agent

In view of the importance of a registered agent to the establishment and ongoing growth of your business, you want to ensure that you pick the right one. Firstly, you need to pick a registered agent that ticks all of the legal requirements. In Florida, a registered agent must be 18 years or older with a physical Florida address and must be available during standard working hours. 

These requirements are not necessarily the most detailed and comprehensive. The qualifications are fairly easy to obtain, which makes it possible for almost anyone to become a registered agent. This is why it is important to look for the right qualities. 

Specific Positive Qualities to Look for 

If you are looking to go with a professional service, ensure you pick one with a lot of experience, positive reviews, and feedback from the public. Pick a  service that will openly communicate with you. Money does not mean everything; a less expensive service can still provide excellent value.

Pick a company that will not just do the bare minimum and required tasks, but one that will provide additional services to ensure your LLC operates legally and will stay out of any trouble when it comes to the law. A service that is provided nationwide and not just in Florida is also advantageous. 

A registered agent is an important investment for your LLC. Take time to learn more about registered agents with these Florida Resources and choose what is best for you and your business. The right registered agent is there for you and will help your LLC develop.

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