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Discover Which Pool Float Fits Your Personality

It may technically be fall – but some of us are still dreaming of summer. Who doesn’t love long days at the pool, sipping a cocktail, hanging with friends, reading a book, listening to good music, and basking in the glow of the sun – it’s literally the dream. 

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Signature pool floats from FUNBOY can elevate your water experience and make the pool in your backyard, or hanging out at the lake, feel like a resort experience. 

Since FUNBOY has so many exciting options, choosing a float can feel slightly overwhelming. This guide can help match their floats with your personality type – so you can feel confident in your decision when you get out on the water. 

The Traditionalist  

You are simple at heart and don’t want to make too much of a splash. You may be a bit introverted, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love a good time! 

Float: FUNBOY Orange Sherbert Mesh Lounger

This float allows you to keep cool in the pool while you relax. Float along, get into your book, or take a nap and recharge your battery. 

The Cozy Couple 

All you want is to snuggle up with your special someone. You’re okay with a little PDA because physical touch is your love language

Float: FUNBOY Blue Sol Dual Chaise

With enough room for two, this float is perfect for two lovebirds to cuddle up on for a day at sea.   

The Party Girl 

Are you the girl who loves to get down? Being around other people gives you energy. You love a crowd and aren’t afraid to have a good time. 

Float: FUNBOY Disco Dome 

Gather your best girlies for a dance club on the water! This float is complete with a disco ball to create the perfect party island. Perfect for bachelorette parties or poolside karaoke competitions. 

The Show Off 

No matter where you go, you want to stand out. In your mind, basic is boring. You wear bright colors, and everyone notices when you enter the room. 

Float: FUNBOY Clear Pink Glitter Unicorn 

What better way to make a splash than to float by on a sparkling unicorn? This float is just as unique and vivacious as you are!

The Nurturer 

You are a practical and compassionate person. You are in tune with the needs of others and love to take care of those around you. 

Float: FUNBOY Tropical Bali Cabana Lounger

This float is adorable and easy to share with your friends and has the extra shade you need to protect you from the harsh sun while you relax on the water.  Just like you, it’s fun and practical. 

The Mommy 

You constantly post pictures of your baby online and love to share stories about their latest achievements, which is totally fine because your little one is adorable. 

Float: FUNBABY Golf Cart Pool Float 

This golf cart-shaped float is just the right size for your mini-me. Plus, it has the shade you need to keep your baby out of the sun. Have the whole family looking and feeling cool as you hang by the pool by adding the full-size version to your cart. It’ll make for a perfectly Instagrammable moment. 

The Entertainer 

You love to have people over, host parties and entertain. You throw pool parties all summer long, and everyone looks forward to the elaborate snack spreads you set out. 

Float: FUNBOY Aviator Nation Yacht 2-Pack 

These chic yacht-themed floats will allow your guests to chill poolside while you throw the perfect soiree. The storage compartments at the tip of the floats will enable you to add ice and store drinks. Your guests won’t even have to get out of the pool to grab a cocktail. 

The Free Spirit 

You march to the beat of your own drum. You don’t care what other people think and are always willing to share your opinion. 

Float: FUNBOY Giant Red Lips Pool Float 

These big lips make a splash but don’t fit any one trend. You’ll look effortlessly chic floating in the pool on an oversized kiss. 

The Lounger 

There is nothing you love more than being comfortable. Maybe you’re a little introverted and would rather relax alone than hang out at a giant pool party. 

Float: FUNBOY Rainbow Chaise Pool Lounger 

Prop yourself up in style while you catch up on your book or listen to a podcast. The unique design mimics the shape of your body to offer you maximum comfort. 

The Organizer 

You are the person at the pool party who keeps everything organized, even if you aren’t the host. You just like everything to be neat and tidy. You alphabetize your CDs and spices, and nothing in your home is ever out of place. 

Float: FUNBOY Square Cooler Connector 

This float attaches to FUNBOYs Chaise Pool Loungers to keep your crew effortlessly organized. Use it to keep extra drinks cold while you float on the lake – and since it connects to the floats, you won’t get separated from your friends! 

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