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Coon Rapids is a thriving city in Anoka County, Minnesota. Here are 11 things you need to know before moving to MN.

11 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Coon Rapids, MN !

Coon Rapids Township is a suburb of Minneapolis that provides residents with a rural feel, easy access to the city’s amenities, and a sense of community with their neighbors. Coon Rapids is a relatively small community, with a population of 62,000. But, its proximity to the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (only 29 miles away) makes it a convenient travel destination. The benefits of relocating to Coon Rapids, Minnesota, are obvious. The kind locals and family-friendly atmosphere of this tiny slice of suburbia are well-known advantages of moving to Coon Rapids.

Coon Rapids is a thriving city in Anoka County, Minnesota. It is one of Minneapolis and St. Paul’s farthest northern suburbs. With a population of nearly 62,000, Coon Rapids ranks among Minnesota’s largest communities. You should know a few things before making the trip to Coon Rapids if you’re considering making the move to Coon Rapids. There are eleven things you should know before making the move to Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Coon Rapids is relatively low compared to other communities in Minnesota. The overall cost of living is relatively low compared to other communities in Minnesota. The overall cost of living is 4% lower than the average for the state, and the cost of housing is the overall cost of living is 4% lower than the average for the state, and the cost of housing is 10% lower than the average for the state. The typical monthly rent for an apartment with one bedroom is approximately $1,000, while the median price of a property in Coon Rapids is approximately $234,000.


The state of Minnesota is well-known for its harsh winters, and the city of Coon Rapids is no exception. During the winter, the temperature usually stays between 20 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and there may be a few snowstorms.Yet, with a temperature that hovers around 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit), summers are a joy. It is highly recommended to buy heating systems and warm clothes to get ready for the cold winters.

Employment Opportunities

Coon Rapids has a pretty diverse economy, with major employers in education, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing.In addition, the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, which are not far away, are home to a number of important businesses that offer further employment opportunities. Three of the most important places of work in the Coon Rapids area are Allina Health, the Anoka-Hennepin School District, and Target.


The Anoka-Hennepin School District is the largest school district in the state of Minnesota, and it is the district that provides educational services to the community life of Coon Rapids. The school system serves students from many different kinds of families and offers a wide range of educational options, such as special education programs, English language classes, and Advanced Placement classes.

Parks and Recreation

The parks and recreation system in Coon Rapids is excellent; the city offers over 40 parks and 30 miles of trails that may be used for walking, biking, and hiking. Additionally, a number of lakes and rivers surround the city, making it possible to go boating, fish, and engage in other water-related activities.Bunker Hills Regional Park is a well-liked location for a variety of outdoor pursuits since it offers a variety of amenities, including a campground, a water park, and a golf course.


Mercy Hospital and Allina Health Clinics are just two of the many medical institutions that can be found in the city of Coon Rapids. In addition, the city has a wide range of specialized medical services, such as clinics for treating and rehabilitating people with mental health problems.


The rest of the metropolitan area that comprises the Twin Cities is easily accessible from Coon Rapids by way of major routes such as I-35W and US-10. There is also a large network of public transportation in the city, including bus lines and light rail trains that go to both Minneapolis and St. Paul’s business districts.


Coon Rapids is home to a diverse population, and throughout the course of the year, the city plays host to a number of cultural events. The Coon Rapids Arts Commission is responsible for putting on performances in the theater as well as music concerts and art shows. In addition, the city is home to a number of restaurants and shopping malls that provide customers with access to a variety of cultural activities.


The town of Coon Rapids is a paradise on earth for athletes and sports fans. The city is home to a number of parks and sports facilities, one of which is a community center that features a gymnasium in addition to an indoor swimming pool. In addition, the city operates a number of sports programs for children and teenagers, while the Coon Rapids Athletic Association runs a number of leagues for adults.


Because the rate of crime in Coon Rapids is lower than the rate in the rest of the country, it is a good place to raise a family. Still, it’s important to be careful and take basic safety steps like locking doors and windows at all times.

Community Involvement

The town of Coon Rapids has a robust sense of community involvement, as seen by the large number of residents who take part in community activities and volunteer opportunities. The city is home to a number of different community organizations, such as the Coon Rapids Lions Club and the Coon Rapids Women of Today, both of which enable residents to participate in volunteer work and build professional relationships.

Final Thoughts

In addition to these 11 things to know, it’s important to research the specific neighborhood you’re considering moving to in Coon Rapids. Some neighborhoods may have different characteristics and amenities, such as access to schools, parks, and public transportation. It’s also important to consider factors such as commute time and proximity to grocery stores and other essential services. Overall, Coon Rapids is a good place to live, with a strong sense of community, diverse economy, and ample recreational opportunities. Whether you’re moving to Coon Rapids for work or family, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant and welcoming city and if your final decision is to live there you should contact moving companies in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

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