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8 Tattoos That You Need To Get With Your Bestfriend Now

Nothing beats having a best buddy. You’ve been there for each other through thick and thin, through good times and bad, and everything in between. Simply by being present, your best friend brightens your life.

Yours is an unbreakable tie, whether you met on the first day of kindergarten, discovered your friendship in school, or met as adults. Why not use matching ink to show the world how much you care for each other? After all, tattoos, like closest friends, endure a lifetime.

Here are some unique tattoos for best friends that one shall not fail to try!


1. Small Tattoo Designs

Even the tiniest best friend tattoo has a deep meaning. Because it is a low-pain, low-cost alternative, a small tattoo is ideal for folks who are having their first tattoo. It’s also a great option for individuals who seek a quick and easy design to draw. These tattoos styles are mostly preferred by people in search of minimalistic designs.


2. Cute Stick Figures and Expressions

Cute tattoos are a common choice for closest friends who bring out each other’s sweet and fun sides. If you met your best friend as a child, a sweet tattoo could be the perfect way to commemorate your friendship. Cute tattoos for cute best friends include your favorite childhood cartoon character, animal tattoos, and the popular “embracing fingers” design.


3. Friend Symbols

It’s critical to complete your homework before deciding on a symbol tattoo with your best friend. There are a lot of symbols with diverse meanings, so there’s a certain, to sum up, your feelings for each other. Symbols can be as complex or as basic as you like, so pick something that fits both of your personalities. The double triangle sign is a modern minimalist choice. One triangle is pointing upwards, while the other is pointing downwards. It represents how the two of you are opposed but deeply bonded.


4. Combined Quotes

For many years, quotes have been a popular tattoo choice. This is because they artistically express our emotions and ensure that we never forget them. Quotes are a meaningful choice for body art, whether they are lines from a play, movie, book, or song lyric. Best friends may get the same quote tattooed, or one person could get the first half of the quote tattooed and the other the second half.


5. Sun and Moon Tattoo Design

Tattoos of the sun and moon aren’t exclusively for passionate couples. It’s also perfect for best friends who are opposed but have complementing personalities. The sun is often associated with outgoing, extroverted people, whereas the moon is often associated with more reserved, introverted people. The Earth, on the other hand, needs both night and day, therefore when you combine these two powerful symbols, you represent the strong bond between the two.

Because this tattoo required a lot of line work, make sure to get it inked from a pro tattoo artist.


6. Quotes/Wordings for Opposite Gender Best Friends

If your best buddy is of the other gender, make sure you pick a design that complements both of your personalities. Neutral symbols will keep your tattoo from looking too romantic and will keep it from being either masculine or overly feminine. Lightning bolts are a popular choice; it’s a terrific design if you and your partner are both Harry Potter lovers. It falls under the category of tattoos unique that a girl and a guy best friend can opt for.


7. Dual Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies, which change from caterpillar to a beautiful winged bug, are a symbol of transition. They’re also linked to the outdoors and independence. As a result, closest friends who like these concepts could choose to get matching butterfly tattoos. Butterflies are a symbol of resurrection in Christianity. If you and your best buddy have supported each other through difficult times, matching tattoos with this symbol could be a wise decision.

PS: Butterflies make for great back tattoos for women as well; so, you can get them inked on your back as well (instead of arms or hands).


8. Yin and Yang Tattoo Design

The yin and yang symbol, which portrays two opposing but complementary persons, has its origins in ancient Chinese philosophy. Yin represents feminine and peaceful energy, whereas yang represents male, energetic vitality. The two are a symbol of balance and harmony when they’re together, just like two best friends are when they’re together.

These were some unique tattoos for best friends that they could choose from to show off their best friendship and a stronger bond.

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