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'This Case and My Life' may be one of the first from director Ana P. Braunstein, but it hits all the notes. Go behind the scenes of the indie drama short.

Fall in love with indie legal drama ‘This Case and My Life’

Our past decisions are meant to stay in the past, but sometimes they can come back and haunt you if you’re not careful. But what happens when your mistakes are haunting you as the rest of your life is falling apart? Welcome to the world of the indie film This Case & My Life.

Directed by and starring Ana P. Braunstein, This Case & My Life follows our protagonist Chris Roberts (Mark Karten) as he faces major changes when a mysterious detective enters the picture. If that wasn’t enough, his personal life and his profession as a successful lawyer were struggling to mix together. 

Drama in the office

Chris isn’t the only one dealing with major life changes throughout the runtime of This Case & My Life. His long-time business partner Mark Harrison (Alexander Carney) made a deal with Chris years ago, and is now expecting Chris to hold up his end of the bargain. 

Meanwhile Chris’s assistant Kathy Welch (Ana P. Braunstein) is losing interest in the job after so many years, and is starting to plan her way out. And, as Chris’s past relationships catch up to him, it’s putting a strain on his marriage to Stacey (Monica Phillips). Nothing in the world of This Case & My Life is what it seems. 

Storytelling from an early age

Since she was a child, Ana P. Braunstein was telling stories anyway she could. Whether it was through writing or acting, Braunstein knew from a young age she was destined for Hollywood. Like many young artists, Braunstein got her start by performing for friends and family with stories she had written herself. 

At the age of five though, Ana P. Braunstein found herself falling in love with a new artform: photography. Gifted a camera by her father, Braunstein discovered that storytelling didn’t just have to be acting or writing-based. Throughout her youth, Braunstein continued to pursue her passion for the arts.

COVID became a time for creativity

Ana P. Braunstein has been chasing her dreams of being a writer/actress for years, but she finally had the time to sit down and plan out her first proper project during the COVID-19 pandemic. As she puts it herself, “Going through the COVID pandemic made her realize more than ever before that time is one of the most valuable assets.” 

Working on her first project This Case & My Life, she was ready to get to work once restrictions lifted, allowing her to start production. Serving as the film’s director, producer, writer, and supporting actress, Braunstein was not afraid of wearing multiple hats to bring her dream to life. 

Now, as the film hits the festival circuit, Braunstein is able to showcase her talent to the world like she dreamed from a young age. “I am grateful for this amazing opportunity to share our film with the world!”

The future is bright

While working on her debut film, Ana P. Braunstein didn’t give up on her other loves. She continues to work as a photographer during her spare time, showcasing her work on her personal website.

On the film side of things, Braunstein released another short film entitled Losses: Life in a Pandemic in 2021. Serving as the short film’s director, writer, and actress, the project takes a closer look at exactly what the pandemic took from people as it tolled on. 

Meanwhile, Braunstein is serving as producer on the upcoming feature film The Cure. Filming is still continuing on the thriller directed by Yaw Agyapong, with an expected release date of November 2021. While those are just the announced projects for Ana P. Braunstein, we know that’s far from the only things in the works. The talented filmmaker will return sooner than we think. 

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