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WILDsound Is Reinventing the Film Festival in 2023

The moviegoing experience is not what it used to be. The advent of streaming has changed the game for good, both in terms of the way content is made and the way it’s consumed by audiences. It can be tricky for established institutions and brands to adapt to these changing times, but a fresh outfit like the WILDsound is at the forefront of festival programming.

The WILDsound Festival is one of the most versatile and uniquely curated festivals in the world. It features a plethora of different genres, as well as films from every part of the world. But wait, there’s more. While most festivals are relegated to a single, overriding theme or genre, WILDsound has the benefit of being a chameleon. How chameleonic is it? Well, there’s literally a different festival every day of the week.

That’s right, every day features a brand new slate of films that are unified by a theme that’s different from the day before. Action, followed by dance, followed by comedy, and so forth. There are live-action days, animated ones, and even poetry readings. It’s all on the table, and it’s curated by the festival’s hard-working and tasteful staff.

It may seem like a daunting daily task to pull off, but WILDsound has managed to do just that since it was founded. It has earned over 70 five star reviews on FilmFreeway page, and was voted one of the 100 best reviewed festivals on the platform for 34 consecutive months.

Part of what makes WILDsound such a desirable place for young filmmakers is the exposure that the festival provides. There’s a four-step process once you get your film selected. There’s the first screening, where you will get feedback from your audience, then a second screening that will be on WILDsound TV. After these respective screenings, you will get to discuss your film in both a podcast interview and a blog interview. The former will even be uploaded to iTunes through WILDsound Radio.

If these promotional materials weren’t enough, WILDsound has the most flexible submission process of any major festival. Because of its unique rollout structure, there is never a submission deadline for your film. They can be sent on an ongoing basis, since the festival never has an official end date.

As a viewer, WILDsound is similarly beneficial. The revolving door format that the festival promotes means that you will constantly be exposed to new and exciting titles, as well as genres and storytelling forms that you may not otherwise encounter. If, for a particular reason, a given day’s programming doesn’t entice you, rest assured that the lineup for the following day could provide a handful of projects that you love.

Furthermore, WILDsound provides a free seven-day trial, so that you can get acquainted with the interface and get a taste of how impressive the offerings from each daily lineup are. Once the free trial is over, a monthly subscription only costs $4.99. Given the amount of films you get on a regular basis, the sub is an absolute steal. Check out WILDsound today and expand your cinematic palette in a quick and consistently entertaining way.

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