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Anna Lucie Schollerova stars in indie webseries 'Whisper Naked Shadow', dealing with self-doubt, personal courage, self-awareness, and racism.

Anna Lucie Schollerova bares her skills in ‘Whisper Naked Shadow’

Anna comes from a small town, Blatna in the Czech Republic, and has enjoyed performing since very early on. She grew up in an artistic family and followed her passion for art by studying drama and music at the conservatory in Prague. She has had roles in theatre as well as on Czech TV and in 2018 landed the lead role in indie webseries Whisper Naked Shadow

Anna received 5 nominations for her work and won two awards as the best comedic actress at an international festival for episodic indie content in Seoul, South Korea and New Jersey in 2019.

Anna’s latest project is sitcom Whisper Naked Shadow. It’s about five friends solving one unexpected mystery. While there is humor, superpowers and some nudity in it, Whisper Naked Shadow also deals with things like self-doubt, personal courage, self-awareness, and racism. Viewers laugh and think at the same time. 

For the lead actor Radek Banga, who is of Roma minority (minority ethnicity in the Czech Republic, often discriminated against), this was the first time he was offered the role of a college-educated and employed character  not a criminal or deviant. Director Nora K hoped to contribute to the media portrayal of this ethnicity in the Czech Republic and elsewhere, and wrote the role especially for Radek. 

A female is cast in the role of his best friend from school, a scientist. Even if these are small things, the filmmakers believe they have the potential to make a bigger impact, even if only on the subconscious level of the viewers.

Be sure to catch the latest season of Whisper Naked Shadow on Obbod TV. Season 2 will be released on Obbod and Seeka TV in 2020. Check out Whisper Naked Shadow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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