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There are one million and one substances you can vape. Why cannabis? Here are all the benefits.

7 surprising health benefits of vaping cannabis

There are one million and one substances you can vape. Why cannabis? 

That’s the question I get asked everywhere I go. 

Well, maybe because I just love the smell of weed in a vape cart.

Lol, don’t mind me. Of course, I chose to have weed in my cartridges because I know of the many health benefits that come with it. Unlike other vape substances (no hard feelings nicotineRs), cannabis does a lot of good for the human body.

And now I’m going to share some of those good with you.

  • Leaves no room for obesity

Are you becoming too fat for your own liking? Are your friends already calling you ‘obese?’ Do you hate that your clothes are starting to lose their fit on you?

Visit Weedsly, get some weed vape cartridges, and slim down, my friend.

It’s no myth what they say about weed making people slim down. Even science has a lot of proof to back it up. Here, the Men’s Journal reports cases of weed helping people lose weight.

 So what are you waiting for? Get high on some weed vape and slim down right now.

  • Makes your lungs work better

Talk about the biggest irony of the century. Who would believe that inhaling weed can actually be the best solution for strengthening the human lungs?

Generally, people believe weed consumption is bad for their health, especially the lungs. But several studies have thrown such claims into the thrash. 

Smoking is what’s bad for your health. Not the weed itself. When you vape weed instead, your lungs enjoy a lot of health benefits.

As reported in a study published on Medical News Today, one of the study’s co-authors, Stefan Kertesz, claimed: “… Occasional marijuana use was associated with increases in lung air flow rates and increases in lung capacity ….” 

  • Perfect cancel killer

Cancer is one medical condition that has plagued our planet for far too long. Yet, science hasn’t been able to completely cut this disease out from our society.

Luckily, medicinal herbs like marijuana have been found to help.

In a written statement by the US National Cancer Institute, it was claimed that marijuana had been found to shrink cancer cells.

Although their research has been limited to rodents and rats so far, it’s still worthy of mention. And until we await future confirmations, weed advocates can be excited about this new discovery.

If it can cure cancerous cells in rodents, then there’s hope it can work in humans, too. So, fingers crossed.

  • It makes you more creative

Just ask any regular weed user, and they will tell you why they keep going back to their joint because of how it raises their mental levels. In a nutshell, it makes them observe things in ways they would not have ordinarily. 

Science has linked this to the fact that cannabis produces psychotomimetic symptoms, which helps the brain connect unrelated concepts, boosting creativity.

  • Makes you more athletic

Are you struggling in the gym? Or maybe struggling to even hit the gym at all? If so, then you seriously need some weed drags in your life.

One of the basic attributes of weed consumption is increasing overall alertness and focus – two extremely important elements of any athletic activity.

Even retired NFL offensive lineman Eben Britton once claimed, “Cannabis is the perfect medicine for athletes.”

If you still doubt weed’s ability to boost your athletic performances, then I think you need to give it a try today.

  • The best alternative to alcohol

If given the time, I can give you a million health-related reasons alcohol is bad for your health. But you know what’s not bad for your health and still gives you a similar sensation to what alcohol does?


In a study conducted to determine the safety of drugs and alcohol, the following substances were tested: alcohol, cocaine, heroin, tobacco, cannabis, ecstasy, and crystal meth.

Guess which substance was found to be the safest? Cannabis.

In fact, the study revealed cannabis is 114 times safer and health-friendlier than alcohol.

  • It can save you from yourself

Finally, weed can help you get out of any deadly drug-den you’ve found yourself. 

Perhaps you’ve been struggling to give up the usage of deadly substances like tobacco, meth, cocaine, alcohol, heroin, oxycodone, etc., then you should know that weed can help you break free.

So far, many research studies have reported huge successes while using weed to treat patients with heroin and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

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