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Why Penuma’s Latest Male Enhancement Procedure Should Get Everyone Excited

The newest implant from Penuma is already generating nationwide buzz. “We are proud to introduce the Himplant, our latest innovation in penile implant augmentation,” announces Dr. James Elist, a pioneer in penis enlargement surgery. “This new implant builds on the features of the original Penuma implant by adding several exciting enhancements.”

How the Himplant from Penuma improves comfort

Penuma’s new implant incorporates features that enhance a patient’s comfort and overall experience. One standout feature that sets the Himplant apart from its predecessor is the surgical sheeting embedded within the implant itself. This innovative update has the potential to streamline the implant procedure and enhance the post-operative recovery process.

Beyond the new surgical sheeting, the Himplant has been crafted to allow easier suture placement techniques and a reinforced design. These features are intended to secure a more natural positioning and fitting of the implant, contributing to a better aesthetic and functional outcome. Ultimately, the breakthroughs equate to the potential for a more efficient procedure time and easier removal of the implant.

“Our preliminary patient feedback on the Himplant procedure has been encouraging,” reports Dr. Elist. “Our patients tell us they notice improvements in aesthetic outcomes and have found the recovery process smoother than they expected.”

Will the Himplant from Penuma enhance sexual performance?

Though the Himplant does not guarantee to improve sexual performance from a physiological standpoint, the procedure aims to boost self-confidence and enhance physical aesthetics. That being said, Dr. Elist believes that an increase in self-esteem and confidence can certainly contribute to a more satisfying sexual experience.

“To be clear, the Himplant is not intended to treat erectile dysfunction,” Dr. Elist says. “However, when our patients foster a positive body image, we often see them enjoying other benefits as well. Rather than focusing on solutions for sexual dysfunction, we primarily focus on self-confidence and physical aesthetics.”

With summertime fast approaching, many men’s minds are turning to body image. Given a seasonal influx of new patients, Dr. Elist urges people to do their research carefully before making quick decisions.

“There’s no doubt that summer tends to be a time when people want to get out, enjoy the outdoors, and feel confident about their bodies while doing it,” Dr. Elist explains. “While we expect to see a seasonal trend and a higher number of procedures over the coming months, the decision to undergo this procedure is deeply personal. We want our patients to be driven by a well thought out and long-lasting desire for improved self-image, not external factors such as the change in seasons.”

Breakthroughs in penile enhancement surgery are becoming more mainstream

The Penuma implant, a soft silicone subcutaneous device, is the first FDA-cleared implant for penile augmentation. “Our original procedure is groundbreaking in its field,” reports Dr. Elist. “It improves the appearance of a man’s penis while maintaining a natural feel and posing no interference with erections. In addition, if patients wish, they can remove the implant at any time. This new procedure is just as revolutionary, but offers so much more.”

Before undergoing the Himplant procedure, Dr. Elist screens patients with a thorough battery of health and psychological tests. If he believes patients are good candidates for the surgery, they receive the implant in an outpatient setting. Typically, the procedure lasts under an hour. The recovery process is straightforward, and patients should expect to walk and return home the same day (though every patient case can vary).

During the week following the procedure, Dr. Elist advises patients to relax and return for several follow-up visits with their surgeon. In just a few weeks, they are typically cleared for sexual activity, regular exercise, and all the activities of daily life.

The field of penile augmentation is an area of medicine that has lacked innovation for decades. “Before our breakthroughs, penile enhancement involved treatments such as injecting fillers, cutting ligaments, inserting acid, and even placing fat or cadaver cells into a man’s penis,” says Dr. Elist. “Unfortunately, none of these controversial methods for male enhancement were based on solid research, comprehensive clinical studies, regulatory clearance, or scientific review.”

In clear contrast to the procedures above, Penuma’s scientific approach to penile enhancement surgery has gained significant recognition in the medical world. The successes of both the Himplant and its predecessor, the Penuma implant, have attracted attention from a network of highly regarded urological surgeons and professors of urology. Dr. Elist’s work has been featured in clinical studies and major peer-reviewed scientific journals. Media outlets such as VICE and GQ have tracked the results of procedures in locations and clinics across the US.

“Anyone considering the Himplant should first consult with a qualified Himplant provider,” Dr. Elist advises. “It is important to obtain accurate and detailed information concerning the procedure’s potential risks and benefits. We want all of our patients to make informed decisions that align with their personal needs and health objectives. Our latest procedure is a science-backed solution offered by world-renowned surgeons. If you look into the details and decide penile enhancement is right for you, we are thrilled to empower you with new confidence through a more efficient and comfortable procedure.”

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