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Whether you’re a skincare fanatic or enjoy a casual slap on & go sort of skin routine, here are all the steps you need to learn.

Trying to redo your skin care routine? Try adding these steps in

As we transition from a balmy winter to a toasty summer, now is the perfect time to redo your tried-&-true skincare routine to put up with the changing elements. 

Nothing beats the feeling of supple, luminous skin, but achieving & maintaining a healthy radiance can be quite tricky. So, we’ve rounded up the most useful steps you can add to your skin care routine in order to keep what you see in the mirror glowing & gorgeous.

Whether you’re a skincare fanatic or enjoy a casual slap on & go sort of skin routine, here are the steps you should keep in mind while sewing together a brilliant new skincare regime that’ll take your skin from merely glowy to divinely angelic.

Doubly cleanse your face

Facial cleansing seems like a walk in the park, right? Just dampen your face by splashing on some water, lather on the cleanser, wash away the suds, and you’re done. Except a one-step cleansing method may not be enough to get your skin completely clean. A good facial cleanse requires a multi-step process that gets rid of all the makeup, grime, and pollution, helping your natural radiance shine through. 

Double-cleansing has become the new darling of the skin care world to have top notch facial cleanliness. 

The standard double-cleansing technique entails using an oil-based cleanser to blitz away the surface layer of impurities, followed by a foaming cleanser that removes any dirt hanging on till the bitter end while deeply cleaning the pores. Make sure to use gentle cleansers so you don’t end up stripping the skin’s delicate barrier in the process. 

Cleansing is one of the most vital steps in a skin care routine because if you don’t scrub off all traces of makeup & grime, the products you apply afterward will probably not be as effective. A multi-step face washing ritual will give you a more thorough cleansing and provide a sparkly clean canvas for any skin care products you slap on later to penetrate deeper, making them more potent. 

Try out a facial serum

You might be clued up on all the basic skin care steps, doing everything from washing your face to moisturizing daily, but is your skin still looking dull & tired? Factors like environmental aggressors which are outside of your control can play havoc on your skin’s health. An antioxidant-rich facial serum is just the thing you need to combat dullness and get beaming, lit-from-within skin.

If you still haven’t added a facial serum into the mix, you’re missing out. The antioxidant-infused concoction is the kiss of powerful ingredients your skin needs to fight the signs of aging and protect against the urban grind. This game-changing product incorporates radical-neutralizing active ingredients that help to even out skin tone, diminish the appearance of dullness. 

Regarded as the beacon of light in any skin care routine, a serum specifically designed to treat your skin issues by delivering a highly concentrated shot of effective ingredients like intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid, anti-aging retinol, and brightening vitamin C. Unless you’ve got ultra-sensitive skin you should begin looking into facial serums that suits your skin needs, stat.

Up your moisturizer game

For the love of skincare gods, don’t forget to moisturize after you’re done with your skin pampering routine. Tapping in a hydrating & plumping moisturizer should be the clinching step in every skin care routine. It’s basically like giving your skin a nice, tall drink of water after a tiring day of work. Your moisturizer should hydrate your skin giving you a soft & dewy look but without the greasy, heavy feeling. 

Good moisturizers contain humectants that work like a sponge on top of the face, pulling water from the environment and providing a nice blanket of moisture. So, get rid of your old-school moisturizers that leave the skin looking slick & oily, and invest in a hydrating, lightweight, and non-comedogenic moisturizer to get that fresh-from-vacation glowing skin. 

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