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Want Quality CBD Products? Look for the PCC Seal

The use of CBD for everything from sleep problems to pain relief has grown in popularity in recent years.

The use of CBD for everything from sleep problems to pain relief has grown in popularity in recent years. An industry worth over $5 billion in 2021, all signs for CBD point to tremendous growth in the coming years.

However, as the popularity of CBD surges, the number of subpar products hitting shelves has surged as well. Currently, the federal government does not regulate CBD the way they do other products or medications. This lack of oversight leaves the market vulnerable to low-quality products that not only do very little to help people seeking the benefits associated with CBD products, but even more, could be dangerous.

Finding the doctor’s choice in CBD products

The onus has always been on the consumer to research products and determine which ones are legitimate and safe, and which ones are not worth a purchase. Yet, this proves challenging, given that there has historically been no way of knowing which CBD products were high-quality until one bought and tried them.

Now, the Physicians CBD Council is stepping in to help consumers find and choose the most high-quality CBD products. The group is composed of physicians and specialists in family medicine, internal medicine, rheumatology, pain management, endocrinology, and nephrology and has a goal to promote and educate in the CBD space. Formed in 2019, the Physicians CBD Council (PCC) has now taken its mission one step further through launching its certification program, introducing the Physicians Quality Verified Seal program. On the road to self-regulation, the Physicians Quality Verified Seal is helping consumers avoid low-quality and unsafe products.

Consumer safety is one of the most significant considerations for the group. Low-quality CBD products can contain heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins from poor standards or cross-contamination during growing, production, or packaging.

“Consumer safety is paramount when ingesting products which purport to be one thing and may perhaps be fraudulent or have unnatural ingredients,” explains Dr. Dung Trinh, founder and CEO of the PCC and Chief Medical Officer of Irvine Clinical Research and Cognivue. “These can include pesticides or trace elements of metals transferred into the product from packaging.”

The council awards the Physicians Quality Verified Seal to CBD products that pass rigorous testing and standards set by the doctors. Thus far, the Physicians CBD Council has awarded its quality seal to 10 CBD products, including NexZol’s Phyto-Zol Transdermal, Overcome’s Active Relief, Potency No. 10’s The Gold Serum, Impact Natural’s Restore, and Element Apothec’s Calm Cool Collected 1500mg Tincture. Products are added to the list regularly, with the entire list accessible to consumers on the Physicians CBD Council website.

Education and community support

The PCC is working hard to educate the public on the positives and benefits of high-quality CBD use. They have webinars, Health Talk with Dr. Trinh, live speaking engagements and offer a certification course that opens consumers up to information about the endocannabinoid system and how cannabis/CBD interacts with it.

The council also maintains a database of medically-sound, published research that supports CBD use. They also participate and support studies on chronic pain and other product efficacy testing. . The PCC is committed to supporting the CBD providers and brand community as well.

“Not only does our council benefit the consumer, but it also benefits the brands and their integrity,” says Helene Blanchette, the PCC’s President. “We have seen that honest brands and actors want their products certified to enhance consumer trust, and if the testing identifies something foreign in the product, the good brands will take action to remedy the issue and obtain certification. As a neutral entity, we look forward to testing additional products and aiding brands in demonstrating the quality of their products to consumers.”

The council’s mission to make CBD use safe and accessible to everyone as the market continues to grow is buoyed by the PCC seal and the expertise that the council provides. There has been an overwhelming need for regulation in the CBD space for some time, and the PCC is stepping up to fulfill that need.

High-quality CBD brands have welcomed the council and its oversight into the space, as it lends credibility to the market as a whole. “At Overcome, we are thrilled the Physicians CBD Council has launched the Certified Physicians quality seal. It provides products and brands who are putting quality first, like ourselves, to rise above the clutter of products that are currently marketed,” said Annie Rouse, co-founder of Overcome and COO at OP Innovates.

The PCC received no monetary gain from the expertise they provide for the CBD community. Outside of the cost of certification, product testing and registration, the council’s work and guidance is done out of a strong belief in the product and the recognition of the need for regulation. “Based on this independence, the Council can remain an unbiased, neutral, and incorruptible entity,” Blanchette explains.

The PCC has emerged as the premiere expert collective, ready to highlight the best of the best in the CBD space, both for the betterment of the market and the benefit of the consumer.

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