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CBD is known for its benefits in relieving anxiety. Here are all the benefits of using CBD oil for your anxiety.

Exploring the Various Strengths of CBD Oil: Which One is Right for You?

With the rise in popularity of cannabis oil, many companies introduce multiple kinds of CBD products to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and as a result, the terminology used to describe CBD is totally confusing. Investing in a CBD oil bottle can be simple, but it is hard to know which CBD product is the best choice for you. CBD oil with great strength or low strength can make a huge difference on your body; however, it is a harmless component that is free from severe side effects, so it’s important to understand how different strengths work and which one is best for you. This guide will help you make an informed decision.

Understanding CBD Oil Strengths

The strength of CBD means the concentration of cannabinoids in its various products, because CBD needs a carrier oil to work properly in our body. CBD oil comes in different strengths, usually measured in milligrams (mg). The strength indicates the amount of CBD in the oil. Common strengths are:

  • Low Strength: 100-300 mg (CBD 2.5 -CBD 10)
  • Medium Strength: 500–1000 mg (CBD 20 -CBD 40)
  • High Strength: 1500–3000 mg. (CBD 50)
  • Extra-High Strength: 4000 mg and above  

Not only knowing the right strength of cbd is important, it is also particular to discuss various kinds of cbd oil. Mostly peoples can’t differentiate between CBD concentrates’, ‘raw CBD oil’ and ‘PCR Hemp oil.

CBD concentrates contain cannabidiol in very high concentrations. One product of CBD concentrates may have 45% to 99% cannabinoids. Which means if you’re taking only a small amount of CBD concentrate, it will give you a high dosage of CBD. It can come in various forms, including crumble, crystals and isolate, distillate, extract (CBD oil), shatter, and wax.

Furthermore,raw CBD oil is extracted without solvent and is usually extracted via CO2 extraction procedures. As a result, the product contains full-spectrum CBD, along with terpenes and pigments. Most reputable companies use raw CBD in their products.

PCR Hemp oil stands for phytocannabinoid rich, and had a large amount of cannabinoids. Usually PCR Hemp oil are interchangeable with raw CBD. Further we can categories cbd oil in three spectrums, full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolated. Many CBD contains various cannabinoids, the major difference that separate them from each other is the amount of components available in each of the product.

Full-spectrum: full-spectrum oil contains CBD along with other components, including terpenes, fatty acids, and other cannabinoids like THC. All these components have healing properties and are equally important to getting maximum benefits from the product.Generally, full-spectrum CBD oil contains a small amount of THC, not enough to make you high.

Broad spectrum: Broad spectrum is the middle ground of CBD compound. Like full spectrum, it also contains cannabinoids but it doesn’t contain THC. Broad spectrum is the best choice for those who don’t want to take even small amount of THC in their dosage.

CBD isolate: is known as the true form of CBD oil because it contains only cannabinoids and doesn’t have any other ingredients. It goes with the same process of extraction, but after extracting cannabinoids, they pass it through a chilling process known as winterization, which removes all types of other components.

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How to Choose the Right Strength

Low-strength CBD oil

Most people start their journey of consuming CBD oil at a low dose, that is, from 20 to 30 mg. Generally, you can buy CBD 10 oil and start with a low dose. It will help you see how your body reacts without overwhelming effects.


  • Helps with mild anxiety
  • Eases minor aches and pains
  • Supports general wellness

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Medium Strength CBD Oil

Medium-strength CBD oil, like CBD 40, is suitable for those who need a bit more support. It’s a good middle ground for daily use and offers stronger relief than low strength. To get better results, it is recommended to take CBD tincture under your tongue and hold it for a few seconds before swallowing it.


  • Reduces moderate anxiety
  • Alleviates muscle soreness
  • Improves sleep quality
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Cannabis/CBD nasal spray is a new innovation, but will it be competitive with more established routes of administration?

High-strength CBD oil

High-strength CBD oil, such as CBD 50, is ideal for people who need significant relief. It’s beneficial for chronic conditions and provides a more potent effect. Athletes who are struggling with recovery procedures can take high-strength CBD oil; it helps them get extra relief and confidence.


  • relieves chronic pain
  • Manages severe anxiety and stress
  • Helps with serious sleep disorders

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Extra High Strength CBD Oil

Extra high strength CBD oil is for those who require maximum support. It’s often used under medical supervision and for serious health issues. You can’t take this course without the recommendation of your healthcare provider.


  • Treats severe pain and inflammation
  • Assists with serious medical conditions
  • Provides powerful relief.















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