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Business expert Jonah Engler shares tips on how to deal with emotional triggers. Consult with your doctor about trying them for yourself!

Jonah Engler Says How Can You Deal with Emotional Triggers

If you let your thoughts control you, you will be affected by negative emotions. We human beings experience hundreds or even thousands of emotions every day. You can feel sadness, happiness, frustration, anxiety, depression, and disappointment.

The emotions you experience are connected to the events happening with you and your life. Both complex and simple life events can trigger emotions. You can even trigger simply by any news or even the loud noises.

However, the way you react to these emotional triggers is completely dependent on your mindset. A trigger is something that will bring emotional responses as well as unpleasant feelings.

deal with emotional triggers

What Do You Know about Emotional Triggers?

The emotional triggers are something that is connected to your experiences or emotions that develop a strong emotional reaction, despite your current mood and mental well-being. Emotional triggers are very much connected with PTSD, said Jonah Engler.

The trigger you’re facing will explain the reaction rather than working as a behavior. These reactions work like a survival response of the person.

When you understand the triggers, you will be able to understand and cope with your misbehaviors. You need to take full responsibility to recognize the triggers. You also need to be responsible so that you can control your unconscious responses.

deal with emotional triggers

How Can You Recognize the Triggers?

People face different types of emotional triggers. These triggers are not only uncomfortable experiences or memories but usually unwanted. Here are some common situations that can trigger extreme emotions:

  • Disapproval or being ignored
  • Betrayal
  • Insecurities
  • Felling taken for granted
  • Rejection
  • Loss of independence
  • Unfair treatment

Jonah Engler says these situations are extremely hard to avoid. However, not all of them can cause a trigger. Here are some steps that will help you recognize your emotional trigger.

deal with emotional triggers

Make Sure You Pay Close Attention to Your Body and Mind

Make sure you’re mentally aware while facing emotional triggers. If you think you’re in a situation where you’re facing triggers, you need to create a mental note. The first important step you need to take is to recognize the emotional triggers. You need to listen to the body as well as the mind while suffering from extreme emotional reactions.

It’s extremely easy to define whether you’re facing emotional triggers through these physical signs of anxiety and depression:

  • Disturbed stomach
  • Pounding heart
  • Dizziness
  • Cold palms
  • Uncontrollable shaking

deal with emotional triggers

You Need to Think

If you find yourself in a situation where you realize that your emotions are being triggered, you need to take a deep breath and start asking some specific questions. You need to pause, clear the junk in your mind, and consider asking these questions:

  • Why your emotions are being triggered?
  • What are your current feelings?
  • Are you sad, angry, or happy?

Determine the Cause of the Emotional Triggers

This is one of the most important steps you need to remember to deal with the emotional triggers. When you start finding the cause of the emotional trigger, you will be able to make yourself calm and handle the situation properly. This way you can also prevent yourself from reacting negatively.

deal with emotional triggers


This is how you can deal with emotional triggers. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below to let us know.

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