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Simply put, collagen is a protein in the body, which is available in an abundant form and gets made of amino acids. Here's how to take them!

Consuming a Collagen Supplement – The Essential Factors That You Must Consider

When you walk into your best specialty health store or a grocery shop, you will come across the best mix of collagen supplements. These supplements range from powders and pills to other edibles. You may have read about it all in various magazines or seen online ads on your social media platforms. The collagen supplements are making it big in the skincare world today. It doesn’t just add to your innate vibrancy but can also restore skin health and add to your overall wellness. 

Getting clear about collagen

Before we delve in further, it is necessary to have a clear understanding about collagen. Simply put, collagen is a protein in the body, which is available in an abundant form and gets made of amino acids. The human body can generate collagen naturally by blending in the amino acids sourced from protein-rich foods, which include legumes, meat, eggs, fish and many more. It combines these foods with copper, Vitamin – C, zinc, that gets derived from a nutrient-rich diet. 

It is essential to understand that collagen will add to your vitality as it provides structure to the nails, muscle, bone, hair, cartilage and connective tissue in the body. However, with age, the capacity to generate collagen decreases. And this lesser production of collagen can impact the ligaments, tendons that get stiffer and lose flexibility as time passes. Also, your hair might acquire a different color and lose out on the density. Additionally, less collagen will also play an effective role in your digestion since the intestinal lining becomes thin as you age. 

It is here that you need to bring in the best collagen supplement Singapore which will play a vital part in our lives. The availability of collagen supplements is abundant today. However, before you make a choice, you must consider a few factors. They are:

  • The intensive research concentrates on the joint health 

According to several experts, collagen supplements have the capacity to bring down stiffness and pain in people who have severe or moderate osteoarthritis. It is a kind of arthritis that takes place when the flexible tissues towards the end of the bone start to wear out. There are also several proof that gelatin and Vitamin C can help enhance the tendons and ligaments, benefiting the athletes by bringing down the scope of injuries that lead to tissue repair. Therefore, patients who have joint issues can get ample help from using a collagen supplement. 

  • The benefits related to beauty are sketchier

Since collagen starts to decrease with age, especially in the 20s, it can result in visible aging signs like less skin elasticity and wrinkle formation. Today experts believe that there needs to be more research on the advantages of collagen supplements which lead to their anti-aging properties. According to a recent study, collagen supplementation results in maximized skin firmness and wrinkles. However, the study got funded by the tested product. 

  • The collagen supplements can enhance the gut

The medical experts know that types 1 and 2 collagen will make up for the most collagen in the body. The type 1 collagen gives support to the gastrointestinal tract and bones. It also comprises the collagen in your GI tract and its connective tissues that enable you to assist and strengthen the lining. The collagen might assist in bringing down intestinal inflammation to enhance the gut health. However, still there needs to be more research on the direct impact of the collagen supplements on the human digestive health. 

  • The FDA hasn’t regulated the supplements

Since, the FDA hasn’t regulated the supplements, it is always wise to select a supplement that got tested by any third-party organizations for ensuring that the product comprises the ingredients that have been listed on the label. 

Hence, to conclude, one can say that medical experts emphasize that aspects like lifestyle, age and the physical condition you wish to impact or manage using the collagen supplement, will decide whether the supplement will prove to be in your favour or not. Since your body generates collagen naturally, eating healthy and maintaining a good lifestyle is key for correct balance of collagen in the body. 

However, when it comes to collagen supplements, choosing a type and form that will work correctly for you is necessary. Self-medication can prove to be detrimental. Hence, it is always better to get a medical consultation. The doctor will consider your medical records and current medical condition before suggesting a collagen supplement for you. They will decide the dose for you, and you need to stick to that until there is a need to change it or drop it altogether. Usually, there are no side effects, but if you feel uncomfortable after consuming the supplement, make sure to share it with a doctor and understand the reason behind it. 

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