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Working out takes a lot of, well, work. Green smoothies give you a new, fun & delicious blend to taste. Grab your blenders and try out these recipes!

Liven up your post-workout smoothie with these unique green recipes

Working out takes a lot of, well, work. The dedication to get up at a certain time every day, get to the gym or hit the park, and go through whatever workout regimen you have set for yourself from cardio to arms takes a lot of dedication and coffee (or tea or sheer force of will). It’s important to find a nutritious way to detox.

Of course, one thing that makes any workout just a little bit sweeter is a nice post-workout smoothie. People nowadays like to have their daily dose of greens by mixing greens powders on their smoothies. You may check this honest athletic greens review if you think this might be a good idea. Especially since green smoothies have become so popular, making sure you are never without a new, fun & delicious workout blend to try. 

But what if you’re stuck on what to blend up next or have gotten bored with the same recommendations? (There’s only so much you can do with kale after all). Luckily, we have the solution for you! We sipped our way through the internet to find the best green smoothie recipes that are perfect for any post-workout routine. Grab your blenders and let’s get cooking (or blending, in this case). 

The Green Zinger Smoothie 

Our first addition to our list of the best green smoothie recipes gives you the little jolt you need after a good workout to get you through the rest of the day. The combination of ginger and citrus helps give this smoothie a tangy & fresh feel that you’ll want to sip on all day. 


  • ½ inch fresh ginger nib (approximately 1 teaspoon), peeled (and chopped if using a regular blender)
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • Juice of half a lime
  • 1-2 large leaves of kale (no stem); rough chopped if using a regular blender
  • ½-3/4 cup spinach/arugula mix
  • 2-3 tablespoons parsley (fresh)
  • 1 orange (peeled)
  • ½ Granny Smith apple
  • 1/2 cup water


  1. Pour the water and citrus juices into the blender followed by the other ingredients.
  2. Blend until all ingredients are pulverized and the smoothie mixture is smooth.

The Cheeky Monkey Smoothie 

This next addition to our list of the best green smoothie recipes has no monkey business about it (we promise). It’s a nutritious way to detox, but it’s also delicious. This smooth & yummy smoothie will give you the little kick you need after all the monkeying around you just did!


  • Juice of ½ Lime
  • 1 medium Banana
  • 1 teaspoon fresh Ginger, peeled and rough chopped
  • 3 medium Kale leaves (without stem), torn into pieces
  • ½ cup fresh Pineapple , rough chopped
  • 1 cup ‘Super Greens’ (these can be purchased in the salad area already prepared or mixed at home by combining baby red chard, baby tatsoi, baby spinach, baby green Swiss chard, and/or baby arugula)
  • ½ cup filtered Water


  1. Place water in a blender followed by the other ingredients.
  2. Blend until smooth.

Cool Cucumber Green Smoothie 

Need a green smoothie that’ll help cool you off and get you recentered after an intense workout? This last addition to our list of the best green smoothie recipes is for you! This calming smoothie will have you saying “ahhhh” after every sip. 


  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup apple juice or orange juice
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 cup pineapple
  • 2 handfuls leafy greens (a combo of spinach, kale, and chard is recommended) 


  1. Add liquids to the blender first, then add all the remaining ingredients.
  2. Blend until smooth. Makes one serving 
  3. Alternatives: eliminate juice to make it sixty-five calories less, or add 1 Tbsp raw peanut butter for protein (add ninety calories).

Do you have any other delicious & easy green smoothie recipes you recommend after a hard workout? Drop them below in the comments to help us keep our health regiments on track! 

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