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Sick of being stuck indoors and wanting to get your daily workout in? Here's what's happening with 24 hour gyms now.

24 hour gyms in a post-COVID world: This is what they look like

As people become sick and tired of being locked up in their homes the world is searching for ways to allow some semblance of normalcy to creep back into our lives, while also trying to keep everyone safe and healthy. It’s a big ask, and there doesn’t seem to be any perfect solutions.

One gym, South Bay Fitness, in Redondo Beach, California, has created what are being called fitness “pods” in order to reopen for their dedicated customers. It looks strange, but patrons of the gym are reportedly very excited about this. Another 24 hour gym in Glen Waverly offers one-on-one sessions with personal trainers.

The pods are made out of clear shower curtains and PVC pipes – a cheaper alternative to plexiglass. There are nine pods in the Redondo Beach location, and it took the gym owners three days to get all of the pods constructed and put into place. Not only are the pods walled, but they’re spread from one another too.

The owner of the gym, Peet Sapsin and his wife, came up with the pods because when they first tried to reopen the 24 hour gym, customers said working out with a mask was too difficult. Breathing was just too hard. So, these three-sided makeshift cubicles were created instead.

Some people are wary about how effective these sectioned off workout stations are because there are only three sides to them, and the top is open. However, many people are comfortable with the setup, and the gym has been seeing a lot of people come through.

The way the gym is currently functioning, customers are first asked to wash their hands with hand sanitizer, and then their temperature is checked with a touchless thermometer. If their temperature is normal the customer is assigned to one of the nine workout stations.

Currently the gym is not open for solo sessions, only classes – which are what the pods are for – and personal training sessions. The personal training takes place in a different section of the gym where both the trainer and the trainee must wear masks and stay six feet apart at all times.

Peet Sapsin says he’s grateful he was able to reopen this way because if the gym had remained closed for much longer they would have had to keep their doors shuttered permanently.

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