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Make your New Years’ resolution working off the holiday pounds with Charge Running. Find out how you can work towards your fitness goal.

Work off bingewatching pounds for free with Charge Running app

With New Year’s resolutions right around the corner, it’s likely most people will have a fitness goal they’re working toward. While there are various fitness apps to help reach these goals, Charge Running provides live, interactive coaching with indoor and outdoor workouts, making it an easy fit for anyone to get or stay in shape. 

Charge Running, a mobile fitness app for iPhone, Android and Apple Watch, combines the boutique fitness class experience with the personalization of a skilled trainer and accountability of a partner to help runners stay motivated and meet their fitness goals.

Charge features live and recorded classes for users all over the world to participate in. Trainers provide tips throughout the run based on the biofeedback they’re seeing from your smartphone. They may suggest adjustments to gait, speed, form, etc. to optimize output and ultimately make users better runners. The app is so effective that newbies to world-class athletes use it.

For $9.99 a month (purchased annually) Charge subscribers will benefit from:

  • Unlimited access to classes ranging from the interval, tempo to recovery
  • Live feedback from your choice of world-class trainers
  • Multiple LIVE runs a day to choose from
  • Our World-class LIVE Leaderboard, where you can compete against others and yourself!
  • A group chat allowing you to communicate with other runners
  • Stats about all of your runs, showing you where you rank amongst the crowd.

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