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While the number of CBD users continues to increase, it’s important to know how different forms of CBD act. Are CBD vapes safe?

CBD Gummies Vs. CBD vapes- Which is better for you

While the number of CBD users continues to increase, it’s important to know how different forms of CBD products act. CBD compound has a versatile profile hence it can find it in many forms, including CBD gummies and CBD vapes. While these two forms of products contain CBD as their main ingredients, how they are used, and the onset and longevity of their effects are totally different. So, which one is the better option for you? Well, below is a comparison review of CBD gummies vs CBD vape, highlighting their key differences.

What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are chewy edibles infused or coated with CBD oil. To make them, manufacturers usually mix, heat, and pour the ingredients into sizable molds. Once the cooking process is complete, CBD isolate is usually added to the gummies right before they harden.

What are CBD Vapes? 

CBD vapes, also known as CBD e-liquids are simply liquids used in e-cigarettes that contain CBD. The delicious vape juices usually come in two types of devices, disposable and refillable. The standard CBD vape oil or juice is usually made using five main components: CBD isolate extract, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine. 

CBD Gummies Vs. CBD vapes

Even though they contain the same CBD compound, The difference between CBD gummies and CBD vapes is conspicuous. As a result, it’s important to know how they work to determine the right one for you.

How Do CBD Gummies Work? 

CBD gummies are ingested edibles that have to move through the digestive system before finally taking effect. Once the CBD compound and other food products are broken down, they will move into the liver. This is important for detoxification. However, CBD’s concentration normally gets reduced by the enzymes in the liver, leading to low bioavailability. It will then move to the bloodstream where its effects will finally kickstart.

What Are CBD Gummies Used for?

Usages of CBD gummies include managing health conditions such as anxiety. In fact, picking the best CBD gummies for anxiety can help maximize your anxiety levels more than other antidepressants. This is because the gummies are usually coated with cannabinoids rather than infused with them. So, your body can always start CBD absorption directly from the mouth. Besides anxiety, CBD gummies can be used to ease pain and sleep conditions. How? A study shows that CBD has active ingredients that potentially impact manage sleep conditions and help you to feel relaxed. 

How Do CBD Vapes Work?

Vapes are innovative solutions to smoking CBD. These e-cigarettes contain three main parts: an atomizer, a battery, and a container cartridge with CBD vape liquid. CBD vapes usually come with pre-filled liquid, usually containing half-gram or a gram of CBD oil.

Once you turn on the battery, the atomizer will be heated, and this will force the CBD vape to produce vapor that will thereafter be inhaled by the user. CBD will find its way into the bloodstream via the lung’s lining. The immediate absorption of the vapor is what usually results in fast-acting effects. 

What are CBD Vapes Used for?

CBD vapes are commonly used to promote a feeling of calmness and relaxation. They can aid with mood issues such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Vaping in low doses can increase alertness.

Cons of CBD Gummies Vs. CBD Vapes

CBD gummies vs CBD vape comparison highlights their stark difference, including their downsides.

Cons of CBD Gummies

Limited dose flexibility: the edibles come in pre-measured servings hence it’s difficult to adjust the measures.

A longer onset of the effects: the effects of gummies can only kick in after undergoing the process of digestion. As a result, it normally takes longer for CBD to reach the circulatory system.

Cons of CBD Vapes

Effects wear off quickly: while CBD vapes produce almost instant results, the effects also wear off quickly. If you are dealing with a chronic condition, then you might need to take more puffs often.

Has a learning curve: before you find out the ideal number of puffs that work for you and how to use the electronic device, you must undergo a certain learning curve. Generally, a lot of people find it tricky to use CBD vapes initially. In fact, using CBD vaping regularly may not be good for health in the long run. 

Moreover, if you don’t want to consume CBD gummies and also want to avoid CBD vaping’s long-term health risks, you can use CBD oil to potentially manage your anxiety symptoms

How to Use CBD Gummies and CBD Vape

To experience the benefits of CBD gummies, you need to take them in the same way you would use a regular candy or consume food. Simply chew and swallow the gummy juices and this can be once or twice daily. Understand that you can use multiple gummies per day, per the recommended dosage.

CBD vapes are made for inhalation. They are usually connected to the cartridge, and you need to turn on the battery for the heating to start. Thereafter, you can slowly but steadily inhale small puffs. The number of puffs depends on the effects you desire. It’s always advisable to start slow and give yourself 5-10 minutes between subsequent puffs. 

Where to Buy CBD Gummies and CBD Vapes

The changing cannabis laws mean that CBD products such as gummies and vapes are now widely available. You can purchase them in local retail outlets or online. To ensure you purchase high-quality products, it’s best to make purchases from the manufacturer’s website. It’s always important to consider brands that use organic hemp extracts and normally subject their products to independent 3rd-party lab tests. Additionally, consider the top-rated products since they are highly likely to be effective.

Final Thoughts 

So, should you eat or choose to vape? It’s evident that CBD gummies and vapes are two different forms of utilizing the same compound. When it comes to making the selection, it all boils down to personal preference. They all have different onset and longevity effects hence normally applicable for different purposes. CBD gummies are sweet, delicious treats that provide lasting effects hence ideal for chronic pain management. Meanwhile, CBD vape promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation and is mostly used to improve overall mood.

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