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5 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

If you want the medical benefits of cannabis but don’t enjoy getting high, then CBD Oil is the perfect alternative. It’s an easy-to-use liquid product that only takes a couple of minutes to apply and acts on your body fast. CBD Oil is non-psychoactive and gives you no unwanted side effects, making it very safe and hassle-free to use. But what are the benefits and uses of CBD Oil?

According to studies, CBD generally gives you most of the same benefits that medical marijuana gives you. CBD even appears to be more useful than THC for certain symptoms. Here are five of the most common benefits and uses of CBD Oil.

CBD Oil for Pain/Inflammation

Surveys show that the most common use of CBD Oil is to help with pain and inflammation. Cannabidiol can act as a natural pain reliever thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. As such, it’s now used for a range of painful conditions as well as for general physical distress.

Research suggests that CBD is particularly useful as an alternative treatment for difficult-to-treat pain. It’s been used successfully for issues such as Arthritis, MS, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, migraines, and other conditions associated with pain and inflammation. Users may also find CBD useful for general problems such as headaches, muscle aches, and strains.

It seems that it only takes around 25mg of CBD Oil to relieve pain, although some users may choose to increase their dosage if they suffer from severe symptoms.

CBD Oil for Anxiety/Depression

Another popular use of CBD Oil is to relieve anxiety and depression. Many adults now suffer from some form of anxiety such as generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder or more severe forms such as PTSD and panic disorders. Depression is also becoming more common among adults, and CBD Oil may help as a natural remedy.

A 2019 study found that, after taking CBD Oil for a month, subjects reported significantly lower levels of anxiety as well as improved sleep. A 2011 study also found that subjects were able to relieve their social anxiety with a single dose of CBD.

Research also suggests that CBD can have natural antidepressant-like effects for users. A 2018 study even found that high-CBD strains of cannabis were especially useful for relieving depression and stress. CBD Oil can also help with some of the symptoms of anxiety and stress by improving sleep and reducing stress.

CBD Oil for Sleep

Although CBD Oil doesn’t have the same sedative effects that smoking cannabis does, many users still report finding it helpful for sleep. There are studies which show that taking CBD Oil may have benefits for sleep.

One study found that, while using CBD to help reduce anxiety, it also helped improve their sleep. Another study found that a single 160mg dose of CBD could have sedative effects for users. Lower doses also helped reduce dream recall, which can help certain users such as PTSD patients who suffer from recurring nightmares.

CBD Oil may also contribute to better sleep by reducing symptoms such as chronic pain, stress, and anxiety, making it easier for users to fall asleep at night. Users may even want to combine CBD Oil with sleep-promoting drinks such as warm milk or hot cocoa for a good night’s sleep. 

CBD Oil for Seizures

One of the most interesting benefits of CBD Oil is that it can help patients with hard-to-treat forms of epilepsy reduce monthly seizures. Various studies have shown that CBD Oil can help significantly in the treatment of epilepsy and improve the quality of life of patients.

A clinical trial on using CBD for Dravet syndrome found that CBD helped significantly reduce the monthly rate of seizures. Subjects took 20 mg of CBD per kg of body weight per day. The median frequency of convulsive seizures per month was reduced from 12.4 to 5.9 after CBD treatment.

A similar trial on using CBD for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome had similar findings. Patients who took 20 mg of CBD per kg of body weight a day had a 41.9% median reduction in monthly seizures. Patients who took 10 mg of CBD per kg of body weight a day had a 37.2% reduction after a month.

CBD Oil for Cancer

Research also suggests that CBD Oil could help fight against cancer. Many cancer patients now use CBD Oil along with other treatments such as chemotherapy to help with their condition. As well as helping relieve many of the common symptoms that come with cancer, CBD may even reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Studies on using cannabinoids for cancer suggest that CBD can help inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells and even appear to kill tumor cells. While CBD should not be relied upon as a sole treatment for cancer, it can help complement other cancer treatments.

What’s more, CBD can also help with many of the issues cancer patients face, especially during chemotherapy. It can reduce pain, nausea, and anxiety and boost appetite to counteract wasting syndrome. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil

CBD Oil is now widely available in Canada in cannabis stores, hemp stores, and even some grocery stores. However, the easiest way to get it is to buy it online. offers many CBD products available to buy online for delivery across the country.

Using CBD Oil is easy for anyone. Simply apply the amount of oil you want under your tongue, hold it there for 30-90 seconds then swallow the rest. Your body will absorb the cannabinoids which will then provide various benefits for your health.


With many benefits and uses of CBD Oil, it’s worth using for anybody. Whether you’re trying to counteract specific symptoms or just want an overall boost to your physical or mental health, CBD Oil canana help. It’s safe, legal, and very easy to use, making it suitable for consumers of all ages and backgrounds.

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