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Looking to reduce stress? Find out the benefits of CBD when combined with similar products.

CBD benefits: Can you combine different CBD products?

Many new CBD users may wonder if there are benefits if you combine CBD products. There is no reason not to combine CBD products as long as you understand the dose and bioavailability of the methods you use simultaneously.

For a seasoned CBD user, combining products may already be part of their CBD regimen. For those new to CBD and who aren’t familiar with all the administration methods, they will want to educate themselves. When putting anything new into our bodies, especially while taking medication, it’s always a good idea to know as much as possible.

If you aren’t comfortable with each type of CBD administration concerned with the cannabis doctors and then you may get access to a marijuana dispensary in Seattle or any other state. These are the four main methods of administration.

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1. CBD Edibles and capsules

When CBD is subjected to passing through the digestive tract, it is considered an edible. Eating gummies or swallowing CBD capsules is usually done in familiar foods. However, edible CBD is not as efficient as the other methods. Much is wasted in the digestion process and long wait times before effects are felt when the stomach has to break down the CBD. 

2. CBD oil (sublingual administration)

‘How is CBD oil taken?’ should be the question every new user asks. Taking CBD oil correctly is vital. Many newbies swallow the oil, not letting it absorb into their bloodstream. Sublingual administration is a fancy way of saying ‘allow the CBD to dissolve under your tongue.’

Taking sublingual CBD is much more efficient than edible CBD. When CBD is processed through the bloodstream, it has a higher bioavailability. That means less CBD is wasted. Sublingual administration also results in a faster response time.

3. Vaping CBD VS E-cigarette

Smokable flower and vaping CBD is the most efficient way to take CBD. Effects are felt within minutes, and not much is wasted. But if you are a a beginner and just entered the vaping industry, we recommend you try the disposable vape first. 

The downside of smoking or vaping CBD is the same health concerns as smoking tobacco. Hot smoke in the lungs isn’t good for you. Because vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, we don’t fully understand the long-term effects of vaping. If you choose to utilize this administration method, it’s important to ensure no unhealthy additives are used in the vape product.

4. CBD cream

Topical CBD or CBD cream is a great way to get directly to the source of pain. Rubbing a generous amount of cream on a sore muscle or joint could be the relief a CBD user needs to get on with their life. Effects can be felt immediately, however, our skin isn’t very porous. This means CBD is lost when using creams. Buy a CBD cream with high potency to ensure your desired dose.

Combining CBD edibles with CBD oil

Can you take CBD oil and CBD edible gummies at the same time? Of course, you can! There aren’t any known side effects with combining CBD products. The strong taste of oil turns off many users and may not want to take them as regularly.

A user may want to take CBD oil with a CBD drink. The CBD oil taken sublingually is an efficient way to administer CBD. Drinks have to pass through the digestive system resulting in long wait times and wasted CBD. Taking CBD oil each morning can be a great habit to get into. This will ensure that you are getting a proper dose.

The user may have a CBD drink they like but are concerned they are wasting the CBD by swallowing it. A great way to ensure they get their desired dose would be to supplement with a CBD oil. This ensures enough CBD will get into their bloodstream, ultimately enjoying the benefits of this incredible plant.

CBD oil with CBD cream

Can you use CBD oil and CBD cream at the same time? Yes! This is a common practice used by many CBD connoisseurs.

A user may use CBD oil every night before bed and cream after working out. Taking CBD regularly helps build up our endocannabinoid systems in our bodies. This is thought to help with the creation of our own endocannabinoids and healthy activity from cannabinoid receptors. When taking oil, the CBD is distributed throughout the entire body.

When the user lifts weights, they may decide an extra push is needed to help fight muscle soreness. Using the CBD cream when they feel the need is a great way to apply to the desired area. Taking the CBD oil and Cream ensures the user is getting the dose they need to allow the CBD to live up to its potential.

Conclusion: Yes, you can combine CBD products!

Combining CBD products is a great way to get the positive aspects of each delivery method. If you have questions about taking CBD or combining CBD products, consult a medical marijuana doctor.



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