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We know producing content on YouTube or any other media platform can be a hard task. Take a break and play these games about YouTubers.

Dreaming of being a YouTuber? Try these mobile games about the site

During the past sixteen years, YouTube has evolved from a simple platform to show videos into a true profession, a career, a way of life. Being a YouTuber has become an actual new job, magnetizing & enchanting audiences while influencing them into following a similar path.

We know producing content on YouTube or any other media platform can be a hard task. The process can consume a lot of your day, with countless hours planning, shooting, and editing materials until you have a polished gem to post.  But that doesn’t stop people from dreaming of becoming a YouTuber.

We also know you have questions and wonder how you can actually achieve that dream. Are you aware that there are some mobile games about the life of a YouTuber and the whole videomaking & vlogging universe? Well, there are! And here at Film Daily, we have gathered some that can be your guide on this journey.

YouTubers Life

This is a game that simulates the life & work of a YouTuber, with lots of real life elements on it. Players must manage a character attempting to build a career as a YouTube star, with all the ups & downs that come with that daunting task.

Besides video production, players must also take care of the character’s education & social life, plus managing all aspects of the business, such as relations to employees and taking care of the content network growth strategies. Basically, everything that real-life YouTubers do in their daily lives.

The game also brings the dynamics of social media business relations into play. As a player, you can experience developing partnerships with brands, developing videos for friends and businesses, building advertising agreements, and using the revenue of your videos to invest in improvements to your production. Of course, like in most games about YouTubers, the more you earn, the higher level you get.

Vlogging Go Viral

Here’s another of those games about the art of being a YouTuber. In Vlogger Go Viral, you have the opportunity to become the next digital influencer and viral online celebrity, just like your idols did. Players can choose different types of content simulators: Food, pets, fashion, games . . .  you name it!

You can become famous with your vlogging channel, and you can pick the most fashionable outfits or play with the cutest pets in the game. There are many simulators that you can upgrade your equipment to and manage all aspects of the trade, which also include managing your fan base!

Additionally, players will find all the situations you face when your videos are on. On Vlogger Go Viral, you can upvote your fans and downvote your haters, just like in a real-life YouTube video scenario. The difference being that you won’t have to endure the dramas & backlashes that usually follow a real YouTuber’s video.

PewDiePie Tuber Simulator

Here’s an opportunity to learn the trade of being a YouTuber with the help of a real-life one! YouTube star PewDiePie has decided to develop a game in which he shows players his routine and the perks of success.

On PewDiePie Tuber Simulator, you can create your own channel and content by learning from the best, growing your YouTube empire in different ways. Players can complete quests to earn game currency, and earn different kinds of money for different things in the game. 

As an extra perk, you can also play minigames that come with the main game. The most popular is called Puggle, where players can accelerate deliveries and buy game currency. You can also find egg hatching and brain minigames, both including several tasks & challenges that will add lots of fun to the YouTuber experience.

Have you tried any of these games about being a YouTuber? Let us know in the comments!

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