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Travel to exotic places and embark on unforgettable journeys! Check out some of the best games for VR, fabulous additions to your gaming list. 

Escape your reality with the best games for VR now

Let’s face it: our friends are just not that interesting. Sometimes, they can be out right boring. Surely, our world is fascinating, but travelling to exotic places and embarking on unforgettable journeys will probably drain your bank account like ringing out the water from a rag. And the thought of being lost somewhere strange scares the heck out of you.

Virtual reality offers very little to no risk at all. You won’t have to worry about injuries or getting lost somewhere that might as well be another planet. You’ll be in control of everything from where you want, saving you time, money, even energy. It’s been shown to improve your attention span, memory, and problem-solving skills. They’re also enchanting & enjoyable. 

There are many games of virtual reality, a little something for everyone. We’ve found some of the best games for VR, fabulous additions to your gaming list. 

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is available through the Playable on Oculus, HTC Vive/Steam, and Playstation VR. It’ll be like living inside a surrealistic neon environment, amongst slicing blocks representing musical beats. 

Spend this weekend with two lightsabers, slashing to music. For all you music fans, this is a music-rhythm movement/dance game. Slash blocks in several directions, and dodge bombs for your next workout!

They’ll fill you up with adrenaline-pumping music while you stay in a futuristic world. 


When it’s time to play a story, choose Moss, available through Playable on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows MR, and PSVR. You’ll go on an adventure spoken in a blend of first-person and third-person perspectives that’s chiefly focused on solving puzzles.

Take a gander at the world of a little doll house where a fairytale mouse lives inside. The little mouse goes around to save the world and solve puzzles. As the player, you’ll be the helpful spirit who guides the little mouse on a vast journey through a little magical kingdom. 

You’ll feel you’re really in a vision of living in a beautifully perfect world. 

Wipeout Omega Collection

The Wipeout Omega Collection gathers all the content from WipEout HD, WipEout 2048, and WipEout HD Fury. Sony’s great Wipeout collection will make for a great experience on the PS4. 

The VR modes have been added as bonuses. They happen to be some of the best racing playoffs you can have in virtual reality right now. 

Firewall Zero Hour

Firewall Zero Hour is a first-person shooter game brought to us by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was made to take full advantage of the Sony’s superior PSVR Aim rifle controller. You may feel like you’re going on a dangerous mission that’s all too real. Just prepare for burning combat. 

And in this vigorous squad-based shooter, teamwork means victory or defeat. You’ll choose from twelve experienced mercenaries and several upgradable weapons. Either you’ll go straight into the attacks, locked & loaded – or you’ll be responsible for retrieving valuable data in a murderous environment. 

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Scientists speculate that one day, AI will be so advanced we might not be able to tell the difference between them and fellow humans. Can you imagine falling in love with someone then finding out later on that they’re really an intricate robot? Would you stay together? Let’s not give it too much thought for now. Take a glimpse instead!

From the PSVR Exclusive comes the Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Granted, Astro Bot looks nothing like our peers, but you still won’t have to imagine living amongst robots. You’ll experience some bright & charming worlds and hyper-real animated creatures. Spend your weekend submerged into a series of intoxicating challenges to rescue the lost robot friends. 

The designs, brilliant tools and puzzles bloom from your PlayStation controller like grown plants!

Turn your gaming experience into a world of your very own. Make it better than 3D using some of the best games for VR. Do you have any favorites? Let us know down below!

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