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There are so many branded online slot machine games in Thailand, still Slotxo is one of the best. Here's why.

Slotxo – The Gambling Site that Reverse World’s Pandemic Trends

There have been various businesses that are gaining during the pandemic since 2020.  This includes food delivery, home improvements, online shopping, and nonetheless, gambling businesses is said to earn their ways up to the top of 6 times market growth comparing to pre-covid era.

Online Slot Gambling Games During the Pandemic

In times of stress, playing online games is one of the best options to go ahead for most people who experienced a lockdown from the government.  In all the most popular games that we have seen in the market, it appears that Online Slot games was the top pick from most gamblers.  

According to Slotxo, an online slot gaming brand, powered by state-of-art with the most sophisticated system that can hold up to millions of spins and players by seconds.  

“The number of players has increased over 1,000% in terms of new user accounts that have registered to our system.  Most of the players were coming from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore”

This has made us wonder of what the reasons behind the spectacular growth rate was and that most new players are coming from Thailand, and this is our findings

Why do Thai people love online slot games?

In practical terms, Thais love gambling for example, baccarat, soccer betting, and such.  During the pandemic, with the order of state emergency country-wide. All off-line stores including casino places were 100% shutdown, all sideline jobs were being put on hold.  With the easy access to slot games online which are available via clicks.  People tend to have access on those online slot machine websites. 

Secondly, slot machine games are very easy to understand.  You don’t need to have mathematical skills to enroll into the game to win, all you need is to have luck and some in-game experience to get a huge prize.

Next, is the low bet entry.  When thinking about casino games in Vegas, what we might have known is that, we would need at least $1-$5 US Dollar to spin the wheel.  However, when it comes to online slot games, it could start as low as 0.1 USD to start spinning.  With this low pricing entry, all types of income range in the country can easily afford it. 

Apparently, the best thing during the pandemic is the safety measure.  Online slots has become popular among Thais mainly because of the social distancing which means that the players will never have to leave their places but they can still do their betting easily from home.

Slotxo is very popular among Thais

Though, there are so many branded online slot machine games in Thailand like สล็อตเว็บตรง, still Slotxo is one of the best game 

The first reason is, it is the very first brand to introduce a mobile version of the game during the time that people started using smartphones years ago.  This helped to ease the game play and the convenience of the players to access slot games via their smartphone.

Slotxo announces promotions and double bonuses from deposits regularly.  This works just like the promotional from the e-commerce sector.  When most players see the promotional campaign from Slotxo, it is undeniably great, and it is perfect for starters.  The examples of the promotion are such as double the deposit, first time bonus, free spinning, and so on.

Last but not least, it is the only online slot system that is compatible with iOS and Android for all versions and models.  From all these reasons, we should know by now that online slot gaming in Thailand is definitely popular and even more in Covid Situations.  In addition to this, Slotxo is the best and seems to understand what Thais need in the present.

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