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One of the most important gambling terms for players to recognize is table limits. Here are the most important terms to remember when at a casino.

Casino Terms: Essential Jargon Every Player Should Know

Casinos have developed a unique vocabulary over the years. This language allows industry insiders to communicate efficiently. However, it can sometimes leave casual casino patrons confused when they hear unfamiliar slang and jargon thrown around the casino floor. Learning some of the most common gambling terminology can help players understand conversations between staff and feel more comfortable in the casino environment.

Table Limits

One of the most important gambling terms for players to recognize is table limits. The table limits dictate the minimum and maximum bets allowed at a particular table game. Companies like WildFortune Casino can have different table limit rules depending on factors like:

  • Time of day
  • Popularity of a game
  • High or low betting seasons

For example, a Blackjack table could have a $5 – $200 limit during off-peak hours and a $25 – $500 limit during busy evenings and weekends. Table limit signs are always clearly displayed, so knowing how to spot and interpret them is a vital casino skill.


A bankroll refers to the amount of money a gambler has set aside strictly for casino gaming activities. Bankroll management is an important concept for responsible gambling. Players should only risk an amount they can comfortably afford to lose without impacting daily finances.

Common bankroll tips include:

  • Setting a gambling budget before visiting the casino.
  • Only bringing a pre-determined bankroll amount to the
  • Taking winnings out of the original bankroll to secure profits.

The size of a player’s bankroll will determine suitable table limits. Conservative players often risk only 1-5% of their total bankroll per session. Those with larger bankrolls can withstand higher-limit games with wider betting ranges.


Casino action refers to the amount of money being wagered on a particular game or multiple games. Dealers and pit bosses pay close attention to action levels to monitor casino profitability. When a table game is hot with high levels of action, the casino stands to gain more revenue.

Games with the most action are considered the best spots for the house to generate casino earnings. For players, hot action can translate to increased excitement and opportunities to capitalize on busy games. Savvy casino patrons also look for games with high action rates when gambling.

The action often ebbs and flows throughout the day and night. For example, craps and baccarat tables may see peak action after dinner hours, while poker action heats up late at night. Extended action with little downtime between bets creates an energetic casino environment for both employees and guests.


A marker refers to a credit slip that allows players to borrow money from casinos when their cash bankroll runs low. This practice used to be extremely common in old-school Vegas casinos. Though less prevalent today, some high-roller players still take out markers from casinos after establishing credit lines and deposit accounts.

Players are expected to promptly repay any outstanding marker balances. Failure to pay back markers in a timely manner can result in legal action. Casinos utilize the marker system to extend lines of credit to prominent players as a customer retention tactic. This allows big spenders to continue gambling on the casino’s dime when they exhaust a trip’s initial bankroll.


In table games like blackjack or baccarat, the dealing card shoe is a device used to hold multiple decks during shuffling and gameplay. Using a shoe allows dealers to expedite dealing without constantly pausing to reshuffle individual card decks after only a few hands. Shoes keep the action moving at a steady pace during lengthy playing sessions.

Most shoes hold between four and eight card decks. More cards than can possibly be dealt in a single round ensure randomization while reducing the odds of card counting or cheating. At the end of a playing shoe, dealers will reshuffle all the cards and begin a new round. Serious players pay attention to shoe penetration depth to gain additional odds strategy insight throughout a blackjack or baccarat shoe.

Bottom Line

Part of enjoying casino experiences involves embracing a bit of unique gaming culture and vocabulary. Learning popular casino lingo gives players a leg up. Simple familiarity with common casino jargon like table limits, bankrolls, action, markers, and shoes allows both casual and serious gamblers to follow conversations between staff and other players more effectively.

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