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Learn inside tricks from experienced craps players to master dice rolls, optimize bets by odds, and manage your bankroll and session time to maximize payouts.

How to Play Like a Seasoned Pro with Advanced Strategy Tips

Mastering Craps: Essential Tips from Seasoned Players

Craps may look complicated to novice gamblers, with its many betting options and two dice flying around the table. However, with some fundamental strategies around optimal rolls, wise bets, and money management, you can significantly increase your odds and payouts at Casino Ruby Fortune. This guide distills insights from experienced players into bite-sized tips for playing craps like a high roller.

Getting Started: Understanding the Table and Rules

Before implementing advanced tactics, get familiar with basic gameplay. Craps is played on a large table with various betting areas and up to 12 players. One designated “shooter” rolls a pair of six-sided dice, vying to hit winning numbers. There are two main phases:

  • Come out roll: The opening roll starts a round. Certain rolls become the “point” number.
  • Point phase: The shooter rolls again until hitting the point number for a win, or a losing seven roll.

There are nearly 100 different craps bets overall. Knowing the most common wagers is key:

Bet Payout
Pass Line 1:1 on point number
Don’t Pass 1:1 on seven
Come 1:1 on next point
Don’t Come 1:1 on next seven
Odds 2:1 or up to 5:1
Place Bets 7:6 to 9:5

With the foundation set, let’s level up your play.

Rolling Strategies: Hitting the Best Numbers

As a shooter, your dice rolls steer the game. Seasoned players target specific numbers to raise payout potential and dodge sevens. Getting the feel of dice takes practice, but anyone can hone their technique. 

  • The Back Wall Roll: Throw gently so dice hit the wall opposite to you, preventing random rolls. A smooth pitch should yield controlled results. 
  • The Sideways Toss: Hold and launch dice sideways instead of vertically, maintaining contact with the table. Again, this constrains rolls for consistency. 
  • Setting the Dice: Gently roll them such that the desired number is face up before the official attempt. Outlawed in progressive jackpot slots online but handy among friends. With finesse, you can reliably roll sixes, eights, and other prime “point” values while avoiding disastrous sevens early on.

Betting Strategies: Optimizing Your Wagers

Each wager has intrinsic odds that affect long-term payouts. Savvy gamblers choose bets with maximum advantage aligned to their risk tolerance. Some guidelines:

  • Stick to simple bets like Pass Line early as you learn.
  • Wager 6 or 8 for most favorable statistical odds.
  • Take or buy extra Odds once the Point number is set.
  • Hedge Pass Line bets with Come bets after Point set.
  • Avoid one-roll propositions like Any Craps or Hop bets.

You can memorize payout ratios to mathematically determine best bets. Or just follow time-tested veterans’ advice playing the numbers.

Bankroll & Session Time Management

Even employing the best strategies, luck drives craps wins and losses. Managing your bankroll and playing time offsets the chance. 

  • Set a walk-away win goal like 30% bankroll growth rather than uncertain upside targets. 
  • Quit while you’re ahead. Stop loss limits ensure one cold streak doesn’t bust your entire bankroll. 
  • Set a loss limit around 50% of your starting amount. Take breaks every 20-30 minutes, even when hot. Clears your head, avoids fatigue errors, and builds anticipation to resume play. 
  • Know table time limits and casino policies. Typically craps sessions run 30 minutes to an hour during busy casino nights. Plan accordingly.

Final Tips for Craps Mastery

Incorporating these advanced craps insights and tactics takes your game to the next level: 

  • Master dice control via specialized rolls 
  • Stick to bets with the greatest statistical edge 
  • Leverage extra Odds bets and hedge with Come 
  • Set bankroll growth and stop loss rules 
  • Take regular breaks to refresh your mental focus 

With the right blend of skill, strategy, and restraint, you’ll have what it takes to roll like a pro. Over time, the odds work heavily in your favor to stack up piles of chips.

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