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‘The Queen’s Gambit’ has sparked a chess craze with fans. Here are the best sites to play chess online.

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ got you feeling chess? The best websites to play on

Did Anya Taylor-Joy’s performance in The Queen’s Gambit get you fired up to play some chess? We often are what we watch. Watch a James Bond thriller, walk out of the movie theatre on high alert like you’re ready to save the world. Screen a cheesy rom-com, find yourself softer and more giggly than usual. Watch a family-friendly flick, reverberate with feelings of wholesomeness for a while after. 

There’s no reason a movie about chess should be any different. Watch a chess movie and all of a sudden you think you might have professional chess player potential. You may not be able to nag your friends into coming over to play or meet any new community center friends to play chess at the moment, but there are plenty of online options at your fingertips. Check out these websites where you can play online chess. 

If you really want to get serious about chess, is the place to go. This internet chess club’s motto is “Where the grandmasters play!” so you know they mean business. is one of the oldest chess club websites out there and it is still very active. You don’t have to pay to play, but you can register for a premium membership if you want to save your game data and such. 

The cool thing about is that it’s not just a place for chess-lovers to play; it’s an entire community. It’s a place for chess-lovers to train and gab to each other about the latest chess developments. 

They’ve got a forum and a whole learning center where you can brush up on your tactics, buy training videos, and train with chess coaches. If you end up getting good enough, you even have the chance to compete for cash prizes. Rev up your chess career at is geared toward kids just as its name indicates. The graphics on the site are very kid-friendly. You can play with a bot or with friends. There’s relaxing music in the background as you play as well as cute sound effects. On there’s a “coach mode” where players can select to have tips fed to them as they play with bots. 

If you have an account this is when you can play with friends and can even join a chess community. Fun abounds on combines the seriousness of chess with the excitement of a fantasy realm. It’s built for mobile usage but don’t let that stop you from giving it a go. is an auto-battler that has you play chess in a fantasy setting – your pieces are represented by creative avatars.

The game has artistic style and the ability to help you access chess tournament live streams. If you don’t mind the classic game of chess being mixed in with some fantastical flair, is the way to go. is a correspondence only chess site. You might be wondering what this means. It basically means instead of having minutes to make a move you have days. Yep, that’s right – days! is the place to go if you want to deeply contemplate each move you make on the board. 

It’s not the best place to go if you’re a novice chess player but for those who are good enough to actually have strategy to think about, this is a great option. Your games can be set from anywhere from two days per move to fourteen days per move. If the idea of being part of a chess team tickles you pink also has that option available. Happy playing!

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