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Level up with these hot gaming trends set to take America by storm next year.

Play USA: America’s Top Gaming Trends for 2022

Ready to get your game on? Recent innovations are making the experience better than ever before. Gamers around the country are enjoying new ways to play, with more accessible options for everyone and exciting extras we never imagined. Read on to discover the gaming trends we’re most excited about, and learn how you can get in on the action today.  

Mobile Gets a Glow-Up

It’s no secret that smartphone gaming has been on the rise for years now. In fact, consumers spent more on mobile games in 2019 than on PC and console games combined, with mobile gaming revenue reaching over $80 billion for the fiscal year. 

It’s no surprise people gravitate towards mobile play, as these devices can be cheaper and therefore more accessible than other platforms. And with new technology paving the way, mobile gaming is just getting better.

Advancements in mobile storage capacity, processors, and resolution allow for greater memory and better graphics. As new 5G networks spread like wildfire across America and unlimited data plans become commonplace, the mobile experience becomes even more streamlined. 

If you’ve got a smartphone and a set of fingers, you can take high-quality games along with you. Speedy, seamless, and stunningly beautiful, mobile gaming is finally entering its golden age.

Poker Makes a Comeback

Poker has always been a popular pastime in America. Though web-based play has historically been banned, recent legislation is beginning to change that. Shifts in federal law have enabled over half the country to legalize sports betting, and this has opened the door for poker as well. Four states currently have dedicated legal online poker venues, and it’s likely we’ll see more as new legislation develops.

Now that more people are gaining access to online poker, it’s becoming an attractive option for many American gamers looking to try a little something different. Those wanting to get in on the action can choose from a plethora of Poker Sites for US Players, each one offering up something unique. Whether you’re a casual player or a tried-and-true aficionado, there’s a site out there to fit your needs.

Subscriptions Gain Traction

As a society, we fell hard for Netflix. Their massive success caused other services to hop on the subscription bandwagon, and we’ve seen everything from luxury cheese boxes to bath soaps and pet food partake in this business model. Gaming is no exception, and there are already dozens of gaming subscriptions available for the savvy screen warrior to choose from.

Subscription providers range from obscure indie enterprises to goliath gaming companies like EA, Xbox, and PlayStation. Subscriptions start at small monthly payments of just a few dollars, putting them at an accessible level for nearly everyone.

 You don’t necessarily have to own a console to subscribe, though some providers allow you to finance a console through their service. This helps level the playing field, boosting inclusion and allowing more gamers to truly thrive.

Ready to play your way through 2022 and beyond? We can’t blame you. With so many exciting new opportunities on the horizon, it seems like the fun will never stop. But don’t take our word for it—now that you know about next year’s hottest new trends, hop on your platform of choice and get to gaming.

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